Jack the Ripper's face is revealed

Jack the Ripper's face is revealed

An e-fit of Jack the Ripper

The face of Jack the Ripper, the 19th-century killer whose identity still remains a mystery, has been revealed for the first time.

Using state-of-the-art profiling, investigators have created a vision of what the killer, who strangled and butchered five London prostitutes, could have looked like - and revealed that police at the time were probably searching for the wrong kind of man.

Laura Richards, head of analysis for Scotland Yard's Violent Crime Command, looked at evidence from the case using modern police techniques and has been able to form what is claimed to be the most accurate portrait of the Ripper ever put together.

She claims that the 118-year-old evidence shows the Ripper was aged between 25 and 35, was stocky and between 5ft 5ins and 5ft 7ins tall.

She said: "For the first time, we are able to understand the kind of person Jack the Ripper was.

"We can name the street where he probably lived and we can see what he looked like and we can explain, finally, why this killer eluded justice."

Working alongside former Metropolitan Police commander John Grieve, Richards, who in the past has studied serial killer Fred West and Soham murderer Ian Huntley, assembled a team of experts - including pathologists, historians and a geographical profiler - to work out why the case was never solved and to see whether it still could be.

Grieve said: "This is further than anyone else has got. It would have been enough for coppers to get out, and start knocking on doors... they would have got him."

The story of Jack the Ripper, who terrorised the streets of Whitechapel in the autumn of 1888, has grown into one of crime's most enduring mysteries.

Despite a large-scale investigation, the Ripper - regarded as the first modern serial killer - was never caught.

Drawing on modern experience, the team unpicked the legend, analysed the Ripper's crimes and retraced his steps. They also examined 13 different witness statements taken at the time of the killings.

The picture they were left with was one of someone who was "perfectly sane, frighteningly normal, and yet capable of extraordinary cruelty", Richards said.

Jack the Ripper was a Mexican?
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Jack the Ripper was a Mexican?

Lol that is what I thought too.

I really doubt he looked anything like that, plus how would they know his facial features if there aren't any accounts of anyone seeing his face. Jack the ripper has interested me since I was a kid and I read alot about him.
Londoners say they have changed but the facial impression looks like an immigrant, maybe from somewhere in Southern or eastern Europe or someone else that is not British (British) therefore the police today are like the police back then, pinning it on someone foreign.
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between 5ft 5ins and 5ft 7ins tall.

Was that tall/short/average for the time? Just wondering.
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