Is the PS3 really worth all this?

Idiots. And I'm not offering an apology if anyone viewing was in this crowd.

There is all sorts of nonsense going on with the PS3 launch. I have been reading in local Toronto Papers about people hiring homeless folks to sit in lineups overnight so they can get their coveted PS3.

I already have an xbox360, no need to spend a grand on another box.
Jeez, its like free crack or something. I even saw a couple of guys scratching their arms in anticipation.
That is really overboard. It's not as if it was the "A & B Sound" Boxing Day sale..
Another couple of weeks and the shelves will be full of them...
yes, they are idiots!
Great post - good video!!

It's a real forehead-slapper the pursuit of the newest and best console and games. It is an addiction, and people have done a good deal worse than trample each other to get their fix. It just happens that this addiction is legal.
I heard some wack-out has been bidding 10k for them at Ebay. Bidding on all of them at Ebay. Did he just fall of a turnip truck?
1. First generation consoles are notorious for their bugs. Those who use them are often seen as the 'public beta' testers. Look last year at the 360 Live and how many people took home duds - guess how quickly you'll be able to get it replaced.
2. There is a very limited supply of games available now.
3. There is clearly a very limited supply of systems available now. After Christmas, there will many, many more. It is called supply and demand.
4. The system will drop in price when the Wii begins outselling it 5:1.
5. 99.9% of people do not need an HDMI or Blu-ray disc reader or any of the other fancy stuff on the PS3. The actual difference in quality of gaming to a PS2 has been described by many as 'minimal'.
6. The system is already showing that it cannot handle a large number of older PS2 and PS games.
7. People are funny, funny, stupid creatures. Makes me wish I was still working at the electronics store to take all the good times in.

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