Woman jailed for false rape claim

A woman has been jailed for 6 months after wrongly accusing an innocent man of raping her.

Woman jailed for false rape claim

By Matthew Moore and PA


A teenager whose false rape allegations led to an innocent man spending 10 weeks in prison has been jailed for six months.

Lying ugly slag: Katie Davis failed to explain the inconsistencies in her account

Katie Davis, 18, had consensual sex with Frank Chisholm after meeting him on the street after a night out, but invented a story about being raped in an alleyway when she feared she may become pregnant.

Mr Chisholm, 24, spent more than two months in prison on remand until scientific evidence revealed no crime had been committed.

Sentencing at Lewes Crown Court, Judge Richard Brown said Davis' "wicked lies" had, and would continue to have, a "dramatic affect" on her victim's life.

Davis, from St Leonards, East Sussex, showed no emotion as she was sentenced to spend six months in a young offenders' institute.

She was found guilty of perverting the course of justice after a week-long trial last month.

The jury heard how the charges against Mr Chisholm were dropped after fibres found on Davis' fleece showed it had come into direct and prolonged contact with the duvet cover of his bed.

Davis, 16 at the time of the allegations, had claimed never to have been in his house.

When confronted with the scientific evidence she refused to change her story, and was also unable to explain two witness sightings of her walking up her street with Mr Chisholm's arm round her before the alleged attack.

James Eaton, defending, said Davis had learnt her lesson despite failing to confess to her lies, and said the case had "knocked her family for six".

In a witness impact statement read after the verdict, Mr Chisholm described being charged with rape as "like a nightmare that will never end".

He said he now finds it difficult to leave the house and is wary of the company of girls.

There is an unfortunate double-standard when it comes to trying men on rape charges. Because the sexual history of the complainant is not supposed to be examined in court, to avoid creating an environment of double victimization, this is obviously one case where examining the sexual conduct of the alleged victim would have paid some dividends toward the end of achieving justice.

Yet, still. She lies about being raped, possibly ruining this man's life, lies in court. He spends ten weeks in jail. She'll only spend six months there.

It's a travesty. Frankly, she should be made to spend at least a couple of years in prison for something as shameful as this.
I don't know if examining her sexual history would have helped in any way. I think women who make false claims should go to jail. Not only do they cause horrible suffering to the men they accuse, but they make it that much harder for actual rape victims.
And hopefully he'll file a civil suit and win a settlement. It's important for him to send a message and it's important that she get it.

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