Bin Laden pal Barot out at 72

A minimum of40 years ... Dhiren Barot faces life in jail


NOVEMBER 08, 2006

AL-QAEDA terror boss Dhiren Barot will rot in jail until he is 72 for plotting a string of murderous attacks.

He was sentenced to 40 years after a judge told him: “You have devoted most of your adult life to seeking the means to bring death and destruction to the Western world.”

Mr Justice Butterfield told Barot that if he had not admitted conspiracy to murder he would have faced a minimum of 80 YEARS.

British Muslim convert Barot, 34, is the most dangerous al-Qaeda figure captured in Britain, with links to Osama Bin Laden himself.

He planned attacks in both the US and Britain, including a “dirty” radiation bomb, a blast on a Tube train under the Thames (drowning the passengers), and detonating limos packed with gas cylinders in car parks under tall buildings in London.

Mr Justice Butterfield branded him a dedicated terrorist. He said:

You have decided to use the life you have been given to end the lives of others. For years you had dedicated yourself to planning the means by which to slaughter hundreds, if not thousands, of wholly innocent men, women and children.

This was no idle plot with little prospect of becoming reality. The detail of the planning, the care of what you were doing, it all points to a determined, sophisticated and deadly intention.

Judge ... Mr Justice Butterfield

I have no doubt that had it not been discovered you and your evil gang of murderous cohorts would have brought about this terrible massacre.

This conspiracy was designed to strike at the very heart of democracy and the security of the state.

Barot sat expressionless in the dock throughout the judge’s speech at Woolwich Crown Court, South London.

But during a legal exchange when he learned he would face life, he stormed out — claiming he needed the toilet. Then as soon as his 40-year tariff was announced he packed up his court papers, turning his back on the judge and rose to leave.

Pure hatred spread across his face. He was clearly expecting a shorter sentence.

Barot detailed his murderous plots in “chilling” reports resembling corporate business plans going to head office.

He boasted he spent a year crafting a 39-page blueprint for London attacks.

He planned to pack three stretch limos with 37 gas cylinders, the equivalent of 800lb of TNT.

Plot ... Barot filmed Twin Towers, left, and New York cop

They would be detonated at the same time as other attacks — including a dirty bomb and blasts on the Heathrow Express and Tube.

A report called Rough Presentation of Radiation (Dirty Bomb) Project outlined plans to buy 10,000 smoke detectors, each carrying a small amount of radioactive material, and burn them, claiming 500 victims.

Barot visited New York months before 9/11 and made a video of possible targets.

In one clip the camera turned to show the World Trade Center before the sound of someone making a bomb noise.

But there was no evidence Barot knew of the forthcoming attacks.
Police dated the film to April 2001 because it showed a New York cop, who they identified.

An elderly Asian man was Barot’s only supporter in the court’s public gallery.

He refused to identify himself, but confirmed he had known Barot for many years and slammed the sentence. He said: “It was too much.”

It is believed Barot turned to Islam to rebel against his strict Hindu upbringing in Kingsbury, North West London.

He and his father had clashed bitterly. And the pair rowed furiously during a prison visit after his arrest.

Barot suddenly admitted conspiracy to murder less than three months before he was due to stand trial — and more than two years after his arrest. Time spent on remand was knocked off his sentence.

His plea is said to be motivated by a wish to avoid extradition to the US.
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