Darfur villagers mourn slain children.

Is it me or has the world gone mad, how can we who live in a civilized society allow this to happen? For those who believe war isn't ever justified please tell me how to peacefully save these innocents from being slaughtered. Keep in mind that the Leader of Sudan has refused the UN permission to aide those that are being slaughtered because this vile dog considers any interference an act of war. This man won't let the world help so how can we help these people, if I sound angry I am. While the world goes around no one is helping these people, children being executed in front of their mothers because they aren't Arab Muslims this is crazy.

Darfur villagers mourn slain children

Recount attack by Arab militia

By Opheera McDoom, Reuters | November 6, 2006
GHEBESH, Sudan -- Wearing pristine uniforms and carrying new guns, Arab militia on horses and camels rode into Mariam Abakr Yehya's Darfur village early in the morning of Oct. 29, witnesses said.
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Her 3-year-old son Adam was torn from her embrace and shot dead by the intruders, who killed more than 50 people and looted all they could find in the village.
Overcome with grief as she recalled the killing, Yehya threw herself on the sandy soil, sobbing and beating the ground, her red and yellow robe covered in dust.
She cuddled her tiny baby as a surviving son hid in the gloom of their straw hut.
"Why? why? My heart is broken," she cried as her family tried to calm her down. "Next time they said they would kill this one," she said, referring to her baby boy.
The militia attacked three villages and one refugee camp, singling out mostly children, the witnesses said.
Residents put the deal toll at 60. The United Nations put the toll at about 50. More than half the victims were children.
"They took the babies and children from their mothers' arms, beat the women, and shot the children," said Adam Gamer Umar. "They said, 'We're killing your sons and when you have more we will come and kill them too,' " he added.
Specialists estimate that 200,000 people have been killed and 2.5 million forced to leave their homes in 3- 1/2 years of fighting in Darfur after mostly non-Arab rebels took up arms in early 2003, accusing the central government of neglect.
A peace deal was signed in May by only one of three rebel negotiating factions, and violence has escalated since a new alliance of guerrillas who reject the accord resumed hostilities against the Khartoum government.
Under the deal, the government was to have disarmed the militia, known as Janjaweed -- a term loosely derived from the Arabic for "devils on horseback" -- by Oct. 22.
However, a series of graves around Yehya's village, each marked only by a few stones and containing several bodies, are testimony that the Janjaweed are still wreaking havoc.
"They were shouting 'we are the government,' when they attacked," said 67-year-old Ali Adam Suleiman Ali, nursing his wounds. He said some wore officers' badges of the Sudanese armed forces. Ten members of his family were killed.
"They were shouting, 'Where are you, slaves?' " said Babiker al-Nur Abdallah, comforting an elderly relative who had buried his head in his hands in grief. "The government and the Arabs want this land for them; they want to . . . make us their slaves."
All the residents were from the non-Arab tribe called Misseriya Jabel. Abdallah said this was the fourth time the area had been attacked by the Janjaweed, but the last was more than a year ago and many people had returned home in the meantime.
Three men from different villages said that two or three days before the attack, they saw three helicopters circling overhead. The villages are between 3 and 6 miles from the Jabel Moun area, a stronghold of the rebel alliance still fighting Sudan's army.
Many of the wounded were taken to Suleia, the nearest hospital -- a three-hour journey on foot. Most inhabitants fled across the border into Chad.
The government denies any links to the Janjaweed.
Sassy, it's hard to imagine the atrocities people live with in some parts of the world. Difficult to fathom how deranged some people are.
I think the UN should Invade, and oust the government....clearly they are letting this all happen.

Can anyone say Rawanda?
Why don't these people matter, where are the Celebs and the womens rights organizations for heaven's sake they scream at NFL over Seals where the bloody hell is the outrage. Yes Kreskin but I don't understand why the leading Countries of the World sit on their hands while these people beg for help. It sure does piss me off thou, can't we bribe their Leader or something?
The Celebs have screamed about Africa for years. No one wants to hear it it seems.
I do I want these people to matter, it's wrong to allow this to happen Kreskin so very wronggggggggg. Babies being slaughtered, a gun held to their little heads. I can't understand this level of hatred, I just don't get it.
It's crisis fatigue. And once more you have a country embedded in a continent that already has its own umbrella group, the Organization of African States. What are they doing about Darfur? Zippo. Useless bas*ards.
And so the US or some UN or NATO proxy is supposed to act again. Why is it that in a world of almost 200 states it's always 3 or 4 doing all the critical work? Why?
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And so the US or some UN or NATO proxy is supposed to act again. Why is it that in a world of almost 200 states it's always 3 or 4 doing all the critical work? Why?

Because they are the only ones who can. I hope they will. I think it's more than 3 or 4, but that doesn't really matter. When I start to get a little pi$$y about how much is demanded of us richer countries I just remember that expression "to whom much is given much is expected" or something like that.
Darfur is just one hotspot. Here is more about what its like in Darfur:

www.nybooks.com/articles/18674 (external - login to view)

Another hotspot is Gaza:

www.guardian.co.uk/israel/com...941838,00.html (external - login to view)

But the world turning a blidn eye to genocide is nothing new. Remember the 1998-2003 slaughter of 3 million Congolese? Probably not. Here is some information on it:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Congo_War#Effects (external - login to view)

That slaughter dwarved what is happening in Darfur today. I can undersatand if you don't recall this genocide. Back in 2002, the news was filled with reports about Hussein's crimes against humanity and Iraq's WMDs and links to al Qaeda. The fact that Iraq was relatively peaceful at the time and all the reports were outright lies and fabrications didn't matter. What mattered is the sheeple had to be prepped for an invasion of Iraq. That is what our news is. It has nothing to do with being new or or newsworthy.

What we care about is what we are told to care about. What we are told to care about relates to the agendas of the powerful. Darfur isn't on the agenda of anyone important, therefore it isn't new or newsworthy.
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