Video shows Royal Highland Fusilier "beaten like a dog."


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The Tartan of the Royal Highland Fusiliers

A HALF-NAKED corporal savagely beats a new recruit to the British Army with a baton, showing no mercy as his teenage victim cowers in terror and begs him to stop.

This brutal assault by a corporal in the Royal Highland Fusiliers was filmed on a camera phone and shows the young soldier being battered TEN times with the heavy wooden baton.

It is the latest in a series of bullying scandals to hit the battalion where another young soldier hanged himself.

Incredibly, army top brass say the film shows nothing more than off-duty ‘high jinks'.


But our sources insist it is much more sinister—a punishment beating meted out because the squaddie stood up to senior soldiers.

Filmed in January at the Salt Lake outstation in Cyprus, the minute-long clip shows the powerfully-built officer swiping manically at the Fusilier as, out of shot, two others laugh.

The petrified youngster, who was just 18, had been ordered to wear protective public-order kit pads during his beating to give him a "chance".

At first he holds a riot shield in a pathetic attempt to protect himself but, as the onslaught intensifies, he drops it and is left wide open to the vicious blows. He tries to get out of the way, but winces in agony as he is hit on the legs.

When he is pushed on to two chairs, he manages to grab the stick. But his attacker soon gets it back and smashes it into the soldier, who pleads: "I give in."

The officer mockingly asks his victim: "Does that hurt?" as he slams the baton three more times into his body and legs. The soldier replies: "Aye." The corporal then asks if he is going to tell anyone to "f*** off" again. The injured recruit's reply is "No".

Our source said: "New guys are abused by senior officers and told to do their shifts, make tea and coffee. This Fusilier stuck up for himself and refused. The corporal told him he was going to be battered. He said the PO kit would at least give him a chance. Afterwards he had to do sentry duty even though he was in pain."

In September 2005, Fusilier Stuart Henderson, 18, hanged himself at the Cyprus base. Friends said he was caught up in a loan shark racket in the battalion. Last year cops launched a probe into brutality at RHF barracks in Cyprus and Fort George, near Inverness. This latest video shame comes less than a year after we exposed the bullying culture in the Royal Marines.

An MoD spokesman said there had been a "thorough and rapid investigation" into the clip.

He added: "Those involved have independently confirmed it shows high jinks during an off-duty period with no malice intended."
Its the Millitary, arent they allowed to beat up people who dissobey and so on, give them a few smacks and what not...who cares, Iam sure being hit with a batton is far less scary than a rocket propelled granade wizzing by your head.
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