Boy being adopted by Madonna arrives in U.K.

CTV News
Police officers escorted the African infant being adopted by Madonna off a British Airways flight Tuesday, whisking him past photographers hoping to get a glimpse of the baby as he made his way to the pop star's home.

Madonna has in one egocentric career-pumping move undone all the good Angelina Jolie did for the plight of orphans around the world.

Angelina Jolie (as I understand it) spent time in learning about the countries, and in helping the countries, and in a true line of love and desire to help the children adopted two ORPHANS.

Madonna however, has bought herself a black baby in order to perk up her image and cry out "Look at me, world, arent are as good as Angelina, Bob Geldorf et al???"

No, Madonna, you are a bitcccccccchhhhhhh.

This child has a father. A father who appears to love him, but through the sadness of his immense poverty could not take care of him when the mother died. This father now, has lost not just his wife, but his child. Sure, he will say that he will let you take the child and that he wants his child to have a better life. Any loving father would make that choice. But what choice would he make if it was between you taking his son to America, or you sponsoring the child and helping out the father so he could have the child back at home with him?

Nice of you to pay 900,000 or whatever to Malawi to "help out" Kind of a high price for a kid, but I guess you can afford it.

Nice of you to offer to take the kid back to see his poverty stricken father every now and then. I am sure he wont have any horrible pangs of guilt or sorrow seeing his father's life compared to his own in his penthouse NY suite.

No, Madonna, next time get an ORPHAN who really does need a family. Not just the first kid you can lay your hands on.

And learn about Africa so you can understand how your actions appear very similar to slavetrading

And learn about the other poor countries of the world where parents have to give away their kids for money, and learn that they do this out of desperation, not out of desire to be part of your celebrity status.
Publicity hounds and adoption....

The day I "don't hear" about a third world adoption by a famous person of an orphan in a terrible country, I will know we are on the right track.

The world knows there are babies and little ones in dire need of help - publicity doesn't generate more adoptions - only publicity for the "stars" and "famous people" who adopt.

I get a sick feeling thinking that even children have turned into pound puppies and kittens as long as there is a camera near. Madonna's "new acquisition" wasn't even picked up by her - but by a nanny.
I won't criticize anyone for giving a loving home to a child who needs one, especially not when it isn't something I plan to do.
But this child does not appear to need a loving home. He appears to have a loving home. He appears to need financial support so he can stay in his own loving home.

No parent should have to give up their child because they can't afford to take care of them. Whether they live here in Canada or whether they live in Africa. And we Westerners should not be so conceited and superior to think that just because we have more money and live in wealthier societies that we can give a better home to a poor child. There are many other ways to help that child other than ripping it away from his parents, homeland and way of life.
That's just the reality fuzzy, economic status matters when it comes to raising a child. This man couldn't support his child. That child has been living in an orphanage for almost a year. How long should he wait for his dad to be able to get it together enough to care for him? The father gave him up for adoption. End of story. I think it's somewhat conceited for us to question that. If he thinks this is best for his son, why should we argue with him? Being adopted myself, I tend to side with the child's interest in the here and now, not what could be or should be.

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