Five years since helicopter crash claimed 9

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This is the month of the fifth year since a U.N helicopter crashed in Georgia killing 9 unarmed U.N workers. And still no one has ever been arrested for their murders.

Andrey Abrashvevich (RUS)
Colonel Laslo Tork (HUN)
Major Dieter Eissing (GER)
Gennady Polezhay (UKR)
Major Mark Hofer (SWI)
Alexander Belogrivov (UKR)
Lali Khvichia (GEO)
Andrey Shergin (UKR)
Major Javed Anjum (PAK)
All men and women who had families just like most of us. They had wives and husbands and sons and daughters and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers.

However, they gave that all up to join a real organization set for peace, not the U.S that does 'nothing' for peace, but a real organization that is set its goal for world peace.

And sadly their final resting place is in Georgia in a war-torn country.
I believe they had this on CTV

It was the helicopter that was hit by a missile and flew over the mountainside and exploded if i remember CTV correctly.

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