1,000 Protestors March on Caledonia to face Aboriginals

CALEDONIA, Ont. (CP) - About 1,000 people have begun marching in Caledonia, Ont., to protest against the aboriginal occupation in the town.
Dozens of police are keeping a close watch.
There were a few tense moments before the march got underway.
A convoy of about 12 vehicles with aboriginal people flying Six Nations flags drove through the protest site.
That sparked some angry cries from the protesters, who want the police to end the months-old native occupation of a building site.
Organizers of the protest rally say the First Nations are getting special treatment.
However, they say they will march to the occupation site but not onto it.
Supporters of the aboriginals say First Nations have the right to reclaim the land and the protesters should take their rally to the legislature or Ottawa.
Dozens of Ontario Provincial Police officers have taken up positions at an old school house they have been using as a command post.

Hopefully there is no violence. But I have heard that there are several hundred non natives and several hundred at least natives at the standoff point so it would be about even if violence happens.

But i question, how can only a few dozen OPP officers seperate two sides that are highly charged and may have 1,000 people in each of their camps.
They can't. Lets hope calmer heads prevail this time around.
Lets hope the OPP, actually up holds the law. No matter who is acting out, the should be blind. Actually, lets hope no one gets shot!
Well from what i heard, five people from the white demonstration was arrested and there seemed to be some confusion in their ranks.

There was some racist bigots, especially that one woman from Caldeonia, and then some just wanted to cause some trouble and others actually wantedto join the Natives to 'protest the government'. So they were in the wrong protest.

Wow, at least no violence occured and that Mchale was shown to be an Idiot and hopefully he goes back to Richmond in shame.
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