New atlas lets Ireland slip shackles of Britain

The TimesOctober 03, 2006
New atlas lets Ireland slip shackles of Britain

By David Sharrock

Up until around 1922, Great Britain comprised the whole of the island of Britain and the whole of the island of Ireland

From 1922 to the present day it comprises of the whole of the island of Britain and the northern part of the island of Ireland after it split into two.

IT MAY be 57 years too late for many an Irish republican, but yesterday Folens, the publishers, said it was introducing a more “correct” version of its school atlas that would no longer include Ireland as part of the British Isles.

The decision, according to The Irish Times, was taken after Mary Hanafin, the Republic’s Education Minister, received a complaint from a parent. She advised the writer to take the matter up with the teacher who was using the “dated” atlas in question, and with the company that published it.

A spokesman for the Irish Embassy in London said: “The British Isles has a dated ring to it, as if we are still part of the Empire. We are independent, we are not part of Britain anymore, not even in geographical terms. We would discourage its useage.” John O’Connor, managing director of Folens, said that no final decision had yet been taken as to what would replace the British Isles title in the relevant section, but it might be simply "Ireland and England" — although that would risk the wrath of the Scots and the Welsh (who hate it when foreigners call Britain "England.")
whoa that is pretty heavy. Ireland is soooo part of the pritish isles, true part of it is a seperate country..but eire is an island, just as "great britain" is an island. but together.. with otheres, they are the "british isles"..I think the problem arises from british in the name... a solution may be calling it the Iere Albion Isles
if geography books publish the above (lower) version there is a danger that children will think there is a large expanse of ocean where Eire is. The way the maps usually do it is to colour Eire a bland colour and place a large dark line otherwise known as a border between north and south so that people can work out that Eire isn't part of the UK. Other ways of telling this are to ask anyone, watch tv at any time at all, or stand near a bomb in london when it goes off.
how about Ireland and Britain?

or "some dumb islands people keep fighting over which never needed a name till those noisy apes came along and shat all over it"

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