Canadian OP.Madusa biggest blow to Taliban yet.


Seems we gave them quite a beatting. I guess this means it will be more suicide attacks from the Taliban, since they wont be in enough force to real go face to face combat......

RIP to the lost Soldiers, Canadian and British.

RIP to the Taliban who took money to get in way over their heads. True Shame.
What surprises me is that when the Taliban was supposedly beat to begin with they only had several hundred people. If they have 4,000 hard-core fighters, then you add the sympathizers and that you have a well organizaed and large group of people that will be hard to beat.

Now since the operation was to not let them escape, and they had them 'circled' on all sides it is a failure because the Taliban did escape, it is probably less than 1,000 to 1,500 dead and they are able to continue to ciricle Kandahar city and do suicide bombings that kill our troops.

Not a sucess, not by a long shot. However, it may result in the continuince of negotiations that were going on between the canadians and the Taliban.
only a few days ago 1,500 was the total size of the enemy force and a third of them were killed.

love to know how the numbers changed.
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