Hurricane's tail to lash Britain

Storm warning: The edge of Hurricane Gordon will hit Britain later this week

Parts of the UK are bracing themselves for storms as the tail-end of a hurricane makes its way towards Britain.

Northern Ireland and Scotland will be worst hit when Hurricane Gordon arrives on British shores later this week.

The storm is set to bring heavy rain and strong gusty winds which could reach up to 75mph, forecasters said.

Paul Motts, of the PA WeatherCentre, warned there was a risk of localised flooding with around 2in (50mm) of rain likely to fall during Wednesday and Thursday.

"There will be severe gales across Ireland on Thursday night. Winds will average 50-55mph but will be gusting up to 75mph.

Heavy showers threaten to interrupt play when the Ryder Cup gets under way in Straffan, County Kildare, on Friday.

But the worst of the storms should have passed, making way for a weekend of sunshine and showers, he said.

Elsewhere in western England and Wales conditions will not be so severe, with gusty winds tomorrow reaching up to 50mph.

"Across exposed parts of south-west England and west Wales the winds will not be as bad as across Ireland and the rain will be on and off," Mr Motts said.

Meanwhile, as storms lash the West, eastern parts of England will enjoy warm, dry conditions with temperatures in London and the South East reaching an unseasonably warm 26C (79F) on Thursday.