Getting gang stalking normalised & discussed in society?

How can we get gang stalking normalized and discussed in society?
Most people are not aware that this exists or that it's even a problem for many people in society.

How can we get this talked about in Canadian society? Other countries are waking up to the reality, but it could be years before we do.

For those who don't know, gang stalking is a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.

It's similar to workplace mobbing and organised stalking, except gang stalking primarily happens in the community.

The primary targets for this harassment seem to be single woman, minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who go up against large wealthy corporations, and other innocent individuals, etc.

A lot of community groups are being misrepresented and used for this harassment, eg. People will go into a targets community slander them and tell lies about them saying they are a drug dealer, into or using drugs, is a prostitute, a pedophile, crazy, or just someone who needs to be watched. Sometimes they will even produce false files on targets.

The goal of gang stalking is to leave targets, homeless, jobless, and so destitute that many are often driven to suicide. Another goal of gang stalking is to make that target seem crazy, so when they do complain about it or try to get help for it they can't.

Korea is having a similar problem with this also, but they have recognised it, in a recent article that appear in the International Herold Tribune, but very little has been written about this in Canada.


SEOUL Kim Myong Jae's estranged girlfriend was found dead in her room in Seoul on April 22 last year, six days after she poisoned herself.
Two weeks later, Kim, a 30-year-old accountant, found that he had been transformed into the No. 1 hate figure of South Korea's Internet community, a victim of a growing problem in a country that boasts the world's highest rate of broadband use.
First, death threats and vicious text messages flooded his cellphone. Meanwhile, spreading fast through blogs and Web portals were rumors that Kim had jilted his girlfriend after forcing her to abort his baby, that he had assaulted her and her mother, and that his abuse had finally driven her to suicide.
"By the time I found out the source of this outrage, it was too late. My name, address, photographs, telephone numbers were all over the Internet," Kim said. "Tens of thousands of people were busy sharing my identity and discussing how to punish me. My name was the most-searched phrase at portals." News reports and portals confirmed that his name was at the top of such lists
The allegations against Kim were first posted on his former girlfriend's home page after her death and quickly spread in various versions. Kim vehemently denies the allegations, and the police later said they could not substantiate them.

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In Canada there have been some local articles and there are now several websites dealing with this issue. Also there is a support group for this that meets at the Toronto Rape Crisis center, but stil little is know about this in Canada.

So any suggestions on how to get this normalised.

Here are some websites, articles, and books about this if anyone wants to read more.

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Gloria Naylor. Her book called "1996"

and David Lawson his book called Terrorist Stalking in America.

Many targets in years past who have tried to get help have been locked up, shut up, not taken seriously, or just told that nothing could be done, while their lives and existences are ruined by this harassment.
So do you think that people are just afraid of the topic? Don't know it well enough?
Don't care?
Taking part in said activity?

or just don't know what to do?
Hey,you changed your name. Aren't you that guy from Sarnia.
Hi Wallyj.

No I am not the guy from Sarnia, just a girl from the T-dot who is a target of gang stalking. I thought that this would be a pretty cool place to get some open and honest discussions going about gang stalking that's happening in society, but in Canada specifically.

The forum so far has been a pretty open and welcoming place, and I have watched a variety of issues discussed. Something about this place reminds me of the heart and pulse of what I remember Canada being like, so I am hoping people will not just skirt around the issue, but will be open to discussing it, and maybe even finding some solutions for it.

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