Evil Ian Huntley, who was jailed in 2003 for a mininum of 40 years for the murders of 10 year olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, left hospital yesterday. He tried to commit suicide in his cell. Huntley was found comatose in his prison cell at 1am on Tuesday. Yesterday, as he was led from the hospital in a wheelchair, wrapped in an NHS blanket and manacled to two prison officers, a nurse shouted to him “Why didn’t you die, you bastard?” He was driven back to complete the rest of his 40 year sentence.

Suicidal Huntley looked dazed due to the drugs that were given to him and he seemed angry that doctors had revived him. He reportedly told one doctor: “Next time I’ll do it right.”

Huntley's hair is also going grey - he's only 32 - and is obviously caused by depression and stress. His face also appears bloated.

Better luck next time Huntley

September 07, 2006

The face of evil: Huntley was photographed as he left the hospital where he was treated for taking an overdose of anti-depressants. He was in a wheelchair, handcuffed to two guards and was wrapped in an NHS blanket. As he was elaving the hospital to go back to jail, a nurse shouted: “Why didn’t you die, you bastard?” He was jailed for a minimum of 40 years in 2003.

How Huntley looked in 2002 when interviewed by a TV news crew about the murders before he became a suspect

A RAGING nurse vented her fury at Ian Huntley as he was wheeled out of hospital yesterday — screaming: “Why didn’t you die, you bastard?”

In amazing scenes, the manacled monster — looking like a zombie after his failed suicide bid — left the intensive care unit where he was treated for 36 hours.

Huntley, caged for killing Soham pals Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman sat wrapped in an NHS blanket as he was taken from Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorks — surrounded by an eight-strong protective cordon of police, prison officers and nurses.

At times the spaced-out 32-year-old, looking dazed on hospital sedatives, tried to pull the yellow material up to conceal the lower half of his face.

But there was no hiding the child-murderer’s sunken, black-ringed eyes, drooping eyelids and bloated face.

And there was no hiding place when the outraged nurse suddenly flung open an exit door and blurted out her hatred.

The uniformed angel, in her 40s, yelled at the former school caretaker: “Why didn’t you die, you bastard?”

A female patient with a bandage on her arm followed Huntley out and shouted: “That’d be too good for that scum. Rot in jail for ever!”

A male patient then told prison officers: “They don’t pay you enough to be near that thing.”

Huntley had been rushed to the hospital from Wakefield Prison after an alert guard found him comatose in his cell shortly after 1am on Tuesday.

He had taken an overdose of anti-depressants and had his stomach pumped before he finally regained consciousness after more than 18 hours.

Last night he was back in a maximum-security cell, facing the rest of his 40-year sentence.

Insiders revealed Huntley, who had made two previous failed suicide bids, was FURIOUS at being saved again.

The beast, who killed ten-year-olds Holly and Jessica in 2002 at Soham, Cambs, was chained to a prison guard in hospital — even while unconscious.

He was also handcuffed and surrounded by guards around-the-clock.

When he finally awoke, he blasted doctors and prison staff who had saved his life, spitting: “Why couldn’t you let me die?”

Then he angrily pledged: “Next time I’ll do it right.”

Greying Huntley was given the all-clear by doctors who examined him yesterday morning.

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in a photo taken hours before they were murdered in 2002.

He had been given a precautionary brain scan which confirmed the drugs had not caused damage to his brain.

Shortly after 11.15am, the doors to intensive care were thrown open by prison staff who shouted: “Go, go, go.”

Police officers stood in the corridor to clear the way as he was rushed in a wheelchair to a rear exit 30 paces away.

A nurse turned to one startled patient and told her: “Don’t worry love. It’ll be all right. There are police outside.”

One woman visitor who saw Huntley gasped: “My God — even in a wheelchair he looked evil.”

Once outside, the killer was pushed to a security van flanked by two police cars waiting to speed him back to jail.

Huntley — seen in public for the first time since his trial in 2003 — stared blankly at the nurse after her outburst.

Moments earlier, his head had lolled on to his chest and his eyes had closed as he was wheeled into the sunlight.

After just two minutes in view, Huntley was whisked back to Wakefield jail — leaving hospital workers glad to see the back of him.

One source said: “It is incredible that a nurse should have shouted like that at him. It would cost her her job if she was ever identified.

But it shows the depth of anger against him — I don’t think anyone will be reporting her. The nurses here treat everyone with the utmost care.

“There have been killers treated many times here in the past. But obviously the woman just snapped.”

Huntley, who lived in Soham with ex-lover Maxine Carr, 29, had been restricted to liquid medication by prison chiefs so he could not stock up on pills as he did during a previous bid in 2003.

But he had been taken off suicide watch just three weeks ago after convincing staff he was no longer at risk.

On the night of his overdose the cunning killer fooled guards by pretending to be in good spirits — and watched movie blockbuster Saving Private Ryan.

A toxicology report yesterday confirmed he had taken a huge dose of anti-depressants issued to other lags.

Jail staff believe another inmate could have given Huntley the pills in the hope he would kill himself. Suicide notes believed to be addressed to his parents and the prison governor, were seized by cops.

A prison source said: “We’ve been told Huntley was not happy to wake up — in fact he was absolutely furious.

“Clearly he thought he’d done enough to succeed this time.

“He got the shock of his life. He was lucky to be alive — but that’s not how he saw it.

“He’d drawn up a ‘living will’ with instructions not to revive him if he was unconscious. He didn’t expect everyone to ignore his wishes.

But you can’t just let somebody die — even if it is Ian Huntley.

He’s made it very clear he will try it again and again and again until he succeeds.”

Yesterday police began their hunt for the supplier of the pills after they were called in by the Prison Service.

Other inmates — including those closest to him on the Healthcare Wing — are high on the list of suspects. But they may have been smuggled to him from other parts of the jail.

Two years ago security was tightened after a woman prisoner being held temporarily in the all-male jail managed to get a letter to Huntley.

Huntley should be allowed to kill himself, a prisons expert said yesterday.

Mark Leech, editor of The Prisons Handbook — and an expert in prisoners’ rights — said lags should be given the right to choose voluntary euthanasia.

He said: “My concern is for people like Holly and Jessica’s parents, who woke up on Tuesday morning trying to get on with their lives, only to find the whole thing back in the spotlight.

“If a prisoner no longer has the will to live and the parents of his victims are being tormented with his constant appearances in the media, surely we can come up with a mechanism to end it?”


They shouldn't let him kill himself as that's what he wants. He should stay alive and complete the rest of his 40 year sentence - if the sentence isn't then prolonged, that is. Staying in jail for at least 40 years is a worse punishment than being allowed to kill yourself or being executed.