Hefty fine for sausage caper

An Alberta restaurant has been ordered to pay damages to a former female employee who witnessed a male co-worker's prank involving a sausage dangling from his fly.

An Alberta human rights panel has ordered the Humpty's Family Restaurant chain to pay $6,300 to Diane Carr for incidents at its Fort McMurray location.

Carr filed the complaint in early 2004, claiming that during her 14-month tenure, a male kitchen co-worker consistently used derogatory language and sexual innuendos, as well as implying that she had improper relations with their manager.

She also said Dale Troake taunted her sister, Judy Thomson also an employee with the sausage

These Alberta guys just can't keep their sausage .........add what you like :P
That fine is a little 'lean'.

Kreskin wrote: That fine is a little 'lean'.

I think you are right, Initially, I saw only the foolish goings on with the sausage. On a little closer reading, you see sexual harassment at it's worst. Not only should the fine have been higher, some heads should roll.
It is very rude to try and "pork" a co-worker.

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