Are Canadians Falling into the Same Trap as Americans

With the deaths of a number of Canadians in suicide bomb attacks, Canadians seem to be shooting first, and asking questions later. In one incident, a truck full of armed men approached Canadians, apparently at high speed and the Canadians fired on them, killing one man and injuring several more. In another incident, a pair of motorcycles approached Canadians at high speed. The Canadians opened fire and injured both men.

Americans have been criticized for similar actions.


don't think you can blame them really
It's all about brains. Do you have enough brain power to respect the demands of living in a war zone or not? If you're driving eratically or too fast when approaching troops in Afghanistan expect problems.
You cant really blame them, these arent like shooting guided missles into civillain houses or Friendlys, this is far less fool proof situations we are dealing with here.

tragically, teenage boys have absolutely no sense of their own mortality, nor do they have anything faintly resembling a brain.

The 17 year old driver sped through a Afghan Police exclusion zone, ignoring warnings, and sped into the Canadian zone, also ignoring warnings. The Canadian soldier had no choice but to fire at them.

What an absolute shame.

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