Culture sold to the highest bidder.


Souvenir vendu dans les rues de Paristan (Souvenir sold in the streets of Paristan)

Behind the Façades in France: What expats and the mainstream media (French and American alike) fail to notice (or fail to tell you) about French attitudes, principles, values, and official positions… (external - login to view)
Vive la France!!!.

Hey Blackleaf, that looks like the future of the UK, too. Netherlands have already sealed their fate.

You'll all be fleeing to countries like Germany and Eastern Europe when the UK and France become Islamic republics.
When I was in England I wanted to see the history. And I did. But I saw allot of American culture too. They had a big party on the 4th of july at all the pubs. It was sad. I went to England, not America! But England is selling their culture too.
You sure you were in England?..

haha....Prolly they speak english there too...ahahahaha

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