People get stupider every day

US makes it easier to kill resident Canada geese
Associated Press

WASHINGTON, August 18:They tried border collies in Virginia. They tried a stuffed coyote in New Jersey. In fact, officials have tried just about everything to get rid of large flocks of Canada geese that move in, eat the grass and leave lots of unwanted poop.

Until now, geese foes have had to obtain permits from the government to kill the geese or destroy their nests and eggs, and that hasn’t been easy. But the US Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a new rule making it easier to get rid of the geese without permits.

The new rule went into effect last week. Representative Jim Saxton, who has been working to control the geese population for years, said, “This day has been a long time in coming.” He added, “Canada geese are larger and more aggressive than native waterfowl and have upset the natural ecology of our waterways.”

The new rule now allows:

• Airports, public health officials and landowners to destroy nests and eggs without federal permits.

• Private and public airports to round up the birds for destruction without federal permits.

• Local governments to round up the birds if they threaten public health by congregating at reservoirs, athletic fields, parks and public beaches.

The new rule also allows states to establish August hunting seasons for the birds. The existing hunting season is September 1 to March 10.

In Saltville, Virginia, two border collies named Annie and Risk, were unleashed to run off the geese. That worked. In Fair Lawn, New Jersey, officials put a stuffed coyote on a float in a municipal pool hoping to scare off the geese. The coyote was snatched, and the geese stayed mum.

We, North Americans, have been filling in wetlands for years. Coastal grasslands are now almost nonexistent. We've been crowding the geese out more and more every year and because they are persistent at trying to survive, we'll kill them. What morons.