German sues Easter Bunny


German sues Easter Bunny

A German man has taken legal action against the Easter Bunny for grievous bodily harm.

Karl-Friedrich Lentze, from Berlin, has filed a complaint with prosecutors, accusing it of causing addiction to chocolate which leads to heart attacks, obesity and strokes.

Lentze said: "The Easter Bunny is a sadistic and unscrupulous offender who preys on people's sweet tooth.


I mean, Christ!
I think not
I'm curious how the Easter Bunny is going to defend itself.
Can you imagine this case being depicted on a future 'Law & Order"?
Might work Missile.

Law and Order almost always starts with a body. Yeah, they could still have a zooms in on the chocolate covered face of the victim and Lenny says,....."My God, we lose another chump to chocolate." Needs some work.. :P
You know that McCoy would do one of his plea bargain deals and bunny would only do the minimum in a segregated prison cell, of course. I'm thinking of Jason Alexander as the bunny This would work on one of the CSI's too. Cut to a scene of a overly large corpse, covered in pimples:
Quote: Originally Posted by Andem

I mean, Christ!

I am pretty sure he is next.
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