Grafting Brits work harder than the rest of Europe

Grafting Brits work harder than the rest of Europe with the exception of Zurich (didn't we already know that?)

Needless to say, the French and the Germans, in their welfare-dependent nations, work the least amount of hours per year on earth, with the Germans and Brazilians having the most holidays. Even the Spanish and Italians work for a lot of hours each year.


10th August 2006

The Brit

As the table shows, only people in Zurich work more hours each year than the British in Europe, although the British get less holidays than the people of Zurich. Needless to say, the French and the Germans, in their welfare-dependent nations, work the least amount of hours per year on earth, with the Germans having the most holidays.

The French work the fewest hours of ANY country on earth, a new survey has revealed. Leisure-loving Parisiens graft for just 1,480 hours a year, with 27 days annual holiday, meaning they have more free time than any other nation on the planet.

The global study by Swiss banking group UBS will give fuel to the stereotype of the French worker who takes two hours lunch breaks and two months off every summer.

Britons work 1,782 hours a year - 301 more than the French - and have 20 days holiday a year, which means practically everybody in Europe works fewer hours and has more holiday than us. With French in first position for fewest working hours, Britain comes in at 36th in the study of work in 122 cities in more than 100 countries.

The British are hard workers.

Eight out of ten of the world's most work-shy nations were found in western Europe, the survey found. The Brazilians, who work 1,709 hours a year, and the Ukrainians, who work just three hours a year more than that, were the only non-European countries in the top ten nations that work the least.

And the Brazilians, with 30 days holiday a year, have more annual leave than workers in Thailand, China and South Korea put together.

The world's second idlest country was Germany, where people work 1,611 hours and take 29 days holiday a year, followed by Norway on 1,725 hours and 24 days holiday, Denmark on 1,644 hours 22 days holiday and Austria on 1,649 hours and 25 days off a year.

The Americans were among the hardest working nations on earth, the study found. In Los Angeles, workers put in 1957 hours a year and took just 11 days holiday.

The global average for working hours is 1,844 hours a year, with 20 days holiday, the report said.

The world's longest working hours were found in Asian countries, where virtually all nations worked more than the global average.

The hardest working country was South Korea, where workers slogged away for 2,317 hours a year - or just over 50 hours a week - and had just ten days annual leave, according to the survey.

The next three hardest working nations were all also Asian nations - Hong Kong (2,231 hours and 9 days leave), Taiwan (2,143 hours and 12 days leave) and India (2,205 hours and 17 days leave).

Researchers also compared relative spending power around the world by calculating how many minutes on average an employee needs to work to earn a Big Mac hamburger.

Japan was top of the league, where workers can buy the burger after just ten minutes of work. Workers in Los Angeles came second, needing to do just 11 minutes labour for the same snack.

In London, it took a mere 16 minutes of work, while in India it takes an hour to earn a Big Mac, and it Bogota, Comumbia, it takes just over an hour and a half, the survey found.
Lazy buggers. I haven't taken any actual holiday time in 2 years. I just sandwich all my shifts together when I need some time off.
thats such rubbish, I'm as lazy as the next lazy person
This is confusing. It looks like they are using statistics for individual cities (Paris, London etc.) and using them as the average for the entire country. Then they've included the averages for some random countries (not cities). Or maybe I'm just crazy?
I havent worked a day in my life---and i love it.

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