Victims? No, two men on the make

Platell: Victims? No, two men on the make
5th August 2006

Amanda Platell

The two brothers at the press conference

Who can forget that press conference when the two Kahar brothers at the centre of the Forest Gate raid in June were tearfully condemning the police shooting?

The moist-eyed Abdul Kahar told of police brutality, his stress and, of course, his 'hurt'. Inevitably, the performance was liquid gold in the hands of any greedy human rights lawyer.

No less forgettable was the sight of the Kahars swaggering out of a swanky 260-a-night hotel (paid for by us), in their designer sports gear (paid for by us), muscles rippling after sessions at their private hotel gym (need I go on).

The brothers are apparently so traumatised by their ordeal that they say a rented house would not facilitate their recovery. They insist on luxury accommodation and have promptly moved in half their family as well.

The original 190-a-night hotel they were allocated was not good enough, so the Kahars demanded they be moved to one of London's most prestigious hotels, near St James's Park.

The family has already run up a bill of 30,000 - more support than most of the victims of the London July 7 bombings received in the first year.

The sadness in all this is that when Asian immigrants first arrived here, they had much to teach us when it came to a disciplined work ethic and self-reliance. Now it seems we have infected some in their community with those modern British diseases... sponging and victimhood.

But the real culprits are the lilylivered police authorities, who are so crippled by political correctness that they allow such lunacy.

On Thursday the Independent Police Complaints Commission concluded the shooting was accidental. Soon afterwards, Mr Kahar was arrested on suspicion of downloading child pornography on to a computer in his home.

I cannot wait for the next press conference - when the Forest Gate Freeloaders pour out their 'hurt' over this latest police atrocity.
A sad tale. But It has in many different forms become the norm. The lunacy of political correctness has soured life throughout the western world and ensured the years ahead will be more dangerous.
Vivid testimony to the old saw 'too much education can make a man stupid.' We have analyzed suffering to death and made a god of 'victimhood.' Shame on all those who made it possible.

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