Shot terror raid suspect faces arrest over child porn images

One of the Forest Gate terror suspects is to be arrested after child porn images were found on his family's computer, it has emerged.

Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, who was shot in the shoulder during the ill-fated operation, is expected to be quizzed as part of the investigation into the discovery later this week.

The development comes after extensive forensic tests on his family's computer, which was seized during last month's raid in Forest Gate, east London.

The primary purpose of examining the computer was to establish whether Mr Kahar, or his brother Abul Koyair, 21, also arrested during the June 2 operation, had any links to terrorism. To the astonishment of detectives, a number of 'very disturbing' child porn images were found.

Further inquiries revealed that although the computer was second-hand, the images had been added or downloaded after it was bought.

It is not clear whether the images were from a pay-per-view child porn website or who was responsible for their presence on the computer.

The child-porn probe is being handled by Scotland Yard's Child Abuse Investigation Command SCD5, whose officers are expected to detain Mr Kahar.

A Yard spokesman said it would be 'inappropriate to comment on any property seized which continues to be examined by the Metropolitan Police.'

'We are not prepared to discuss anyone we may or may not want to interview,' he added.

It is thought royal mail worker Kahar will be formally arrested and quizzed in the next few days.

If charged and convicted of possessing child porn, he faces up to five years in jail and will almost certainly be placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

The development is a huge blow to the royal mail worker, who is expected to sue the Met for hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages for the 'trauma' of the anti-terror operation. Following a tip-off from MI5, Mr Kahar and his brother were arrested in the early hours of June 2 by officers looking for a chemical device at their home in Forest Gate.

But no such weapon was found and amid huge controversy, the men were released without charge after spending a week in custody.

At a carefully-stage press conference days after they were set free, Mr Kahar claimed he was shot without warning by police - an allegation fiercely denied by firearms officers.

On Saturday the Daily Mail revealed how the so-called Forest Gate Two and their family have made a series of extraordinary financial demands from police in the aftermath of the raid.

Nearly two months after the operation, Scotland Yard has spent more than 30,000 on hotel accommodation and living expenses for the two brothers and close relatives.

They have been living in a four-star hotel, provided with meals, and given 70 per week per person in living allowances.

Through their lawyers, the family have also requested an ex-gratia payment of 10,000 to help them with living expenses, 'existing financial commitments' and other contingencies such as 'private psychological support'.

They have also asked the Met to pick up the bill for taxi journeys 'to and from family therapy', the payment of mortgage interest on their home, as well as the installation of a sophisticated burglar alarm.

Claiming that their clothes were 'contaminated' by police officers searching their home, they have asked for a 200 grant each to purchase new items of clothing.

Lawyers have also asked the Met to fund the cost of storing a Yamaha bike belonging to one of the brothers in a safe place, and the bill for the removal and storage of other personal effects. There has also been a request (which has been agreed) for the force to pay the cost of putting the family cat in boarding kennels.