Britain is hotter than Athens, Rome and Bermuda.

19th July 2006 is the hottest July day ever recorded in Great Britain. The temperature in Charlwood, Surrey reached 97.3F beating the previous record of 96.8F set at Epsom, Surrey on 22nd July 1911 and beating the 96.6F that was recorded at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on 3rd July 1976 which, overall, was the hottest summer ever recorded in Britain.

The temperatures so far this year have not surpassed the 100 Farenheit mark. The only occasion that the temperature in Britain has been recorded to surpass 100 Farenheit was in August 2003 when it reached 101.3F in Faversham, Kent. But there's still plenty of time for that record to be broken.

Heatwave brings record temperatures

A new record British temperature for July has been set after thermometers hit 36.3C (97.3F) at Charlwood in Surrey.

Forecasters at PA WeatherCentre said the temperature was recorded just after 2.30pm at a weather station near Gatwick Airport.

The previous record of 36C (96.8F) was set at Epsom, Surrey, on July 22, 1911, while 35.9C (96.6F) was recorded at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, on July 3, 1976.

British temperatures this week have outstripped popular holiday destinations including Athens, Bermuda, Rio de Janeiro and Rome.

Forecasters expect a bank of showers coming in from the South West to offer some respite, but the weekend should still be very warm.

Emergency measures have been brought in to protect the roads of at least five counties as gritters began spreading rock dust to protect the surfaces from melting.

Health officials are warning the elderly and vulnerable people to take extra care during the continuing heatwave, while hospitals have been told to give them priority treatment.

Ambulance service bosses urged drivers to stay with cars in traffic jams despite the heat.

Officials in Essex said a crew had severe difficulties getting to an accident because hot motorists had abandoned their cars to find shade.

"On more than one occasion they had to try and get round vehicles that had been abandoned by the driver,'' said a spokesman.

"It is absolutely vital that drivers remain with their vehicles while stuck in tailbacks. There is no doubt that it is boring and it is incredibly hot, but being there could save vital seconds, which ultimately could be the difference between life and death.''
it is sooo bloody hot here, trust me...I've got 2 fans on nd I'm still roasting!!!
I came home at 5pm after being out since early this morning and the sweat was dripping off me. It's as though I've just come out of the shower. Even when I sit down next to a big fan I'm still dripping. The back of my neck is hurting due to sunburn. When I walk down the street the heat is so intense it feels like my skin is about to set fire. It's unbelievable. I can never remember a summer as hot as this.

But, at this time, we must spare a thought for the Scots. They live in a country where sunshine is rare. I heard this morning that it's raining in Aberdeen.
Scorching temperatures all over England and Wales - but not Western Scotland and there was rain in certain parts of eastern Scotland. (Remember, when you are sunbathing or taking picnics in the churchyard in the town centre and basking in the glorious sunshine, spare a though for those poor unfortunate Scots.)

Eager bathers enjoy the sun at Brighton beach, East Sussex, as temperatures continued to soar to new heights, with the promise of even hotter weather by the end of the week.

Sophie Rhodes, 3, from Cambridge, cools off while playing in her paddling pool. Temperatures across Britain beat holiday resorts such as Ibiza and the Canary Islands today as the glorious weather continued across England and Wales.

Karlolina Ruskowiak, 20 and Agnieszka Romszewska, 24, cool down at Portobello beach in Edinburgh. Only western Scotland did not experience scorching temperatures - it saw some cloud and patchy rain and drizzle.

Christine Smith, 20, from Blackpool takes a drink to cool off during a practice session at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Hoylake. Unbroken sunshine and temperatures up to 91 degrees Farenheit(33C in temperatures that make you feel colder)) have been recorded.

Hundreds of sun seekers fill the beach at Sandy Cove, Dublin. The hot weather is expected to break on Wednesday night with thunderstorms forecasts for the south west of England spreading through the rest of England and Wales on Thursday.

A youth dressed in school uniform runs through a fountain during the heatwave in Derby, central England. While the soaring heat may be good news for sun-seeking holiday makers, it's causing distress and discomfort for commuters on London's transport system.

The hot weather has literally melted the tarmac in Plymouth city centre in Devon, causing sarah bennett, pictured, to get stuck in her flip flops.

A terrier gets a cool treat from a hose in Edinburgh

This giraffe at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire chilled out with an extra large icicle

Lick that: A giant lolly for a tiger at Port Lympne wildlife park in Kent

A gritter protects the road surfaces by dropping rock dust in Kirkby Thore, Cumbria

While a pedestrian gets stuck in melting tar in Plymouth

And the heatwave shows no sign of endings. From today, the temperatures will drop until Saturday. Saturday won't be as hot as it has been over the last few weeks but will still be around 70 degrees, which is hot. But, come Sunday, the temperatures will be back up in the baking 90s again for probably weeks to come.

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