Republican arsonists burn Orange order lodge.

Orange lodge arson attack


REPUBLICAN arsonists have been blamed after a hall used by the Protestant Orange order in Northern Ireland was destroyed by fire.

Orange order members say the 130 year-old hall, at Lavin, Co Antrim, will have to be totally rebuilt.

The building, which was regularly used by the community, has been severely damaged, with two-thirds of the roof collapsing.

Members of the hall say they are determined to rebuild it by next summer.

It is thought the fire was started to stir up ill feeling at the Orangemen parade, to commemorate Protestant Prince Williamís victory over Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, today.

No music was played as more than 100 Orangemen and bandsmen paraded, led by three police officers, while around 60 nationalist protesters stood in silence this morning.

The Army were not needed for the first time.

Take a drive up there and tell the lads t'quit arson around.

Boom ta da boom boom Willy Orange.
How so I dislike the Orange order.... How so the building by my house would disappear.... Ontario was once a very Orange province, pretty much controled by the order. How happy I am that has changed!
The UK and their Marches... I think they should be marching for free dental work.
Doesn't the Orange order mainly only march in the North of Ireland. I havn't seen them do much in Caada for a long time, besides seeing a few lodges here and there I barely see anything about them. I've also never heard much about them in the UK.
Quote: Originally Posted by DurkaDurka

The UK and their Marches... I think they should be marching for free dental work.

How many ways can you spell YELLOW??


Good un DurkaDurka

When I was nought but a lad, the Orange Order had their hall up one block and to the left of our house.

Every 12th of July, one could hear the fifes warming up and the big bass drum. Then about 10 or so the parade would come down the street. Being just a tad, I thought it was great, band playing, horses prancing (and ****ting), guys with one white shirt(just a bit on the yellowed side) they wore once a year just for this, marching through the horse **** without breaking step, big banners denoting the battle of the Boyne, people holding a big Bible aloft...........Nothing like trying to start something

One fellow, guess he was supposed to be king Billy always rode a big dapple grey work horse gelding which was "hung like a horse".
As the parade passed a neighbours house (they were Catholic), the old grandad would lean out the door and shout: "Hey:::woodya look at the prick on that horse"!!! Needless to say, "king Billy" and him didn't get along.

There was quite a bit of friction back then between Protestants and Catholics. Such was Eastern Ontario.

Ain't organized religion just a great thing eh? Loving and kind! Used primarily as a fear dogma to keep the peasants in line.

Ah well...............was a neat parade none the less

I grew up in more seculer times I guess. I never had to live threw that, thank goodness.

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