British pupils are the happiest, study claims.

British pupils happiest, says survey

British pupils happiest, says survey

British teenagers are less likely to feel lonely or outcast at school than those in other Western countries, according to an OECD survey reported by BBC News Online.

The findings come from a massive study of 15-year-olds in 42 countries, in which the teenagers were asked whether they felt lonely, alienated or like an outsider at school.

The unhappiest teenagers were in Poland and Korea, with 41 per cent claiming to feel isolated in both countries.

In the UK the figure was lowest at 17 per cent, and Irish teenagers were also relatively happy with only 19 per cent feeling outcast.

Britain came best out of the OECD member countries, and was second only to Brazil in the whole group.

The NUT says the positive results may be due to anti-bullying campaigns and the belief that schools are the centre of the community. (external - login to view)

In Britain, schoolchildren don't have tp go to school wearing bullet-proof vests like they do in America.
Who gives a **** if they're "happy"?

Are they LEARNING anything?

Actually, I believe the Brits do well in comparative testing.
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