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In a nut shell I think we should tolerate there traditions and beliefs but when it becomes into the public domian, anybody be it Christian, Islamic or Hindu must respect our seculer societies beliefs formost.

why should one group of people put someone else’s beliefs before their's?

That is kind of nuts and authoritarian-'nationalist' if you ask me Finder. While I agree with most on here that if you strongly don't like the way we are doing things here than you should leave, I think you are being rather hypocritical for you to tell people they should follow particular set of beliefs instead of there own when it may come in to contact with you.

On the other hand I fully believe in not accepting, forcing out, and 'fighting' people who hold views that are so contrary to our own that they could be dangerous or cause significant problems and threaten the freedom of our society to properly govern itself.

I agree. To each his own as long as it is not to affect someone else's right to exist.