Dead Muslim desecrated with bacon

Hospital workers allegedly covered body in mortuary with pork slices

Police in Britain say two former hospital workers face charges for allegedly desecrating the body of a dead Muslim grandmother with slices of bacon.

Published reports say Habiba Mohammed, 65, died of cancer Jan. 17, and was transported to Hillingdon Hospital mortuary in west London the following day.

While at the mortuary, it was discovered her corpse had been covered with bacon strips. The Muslim faith prohibits the eating and touching of pork products.

Police launched an immediate investigation into what they called a religiously or racially motivated hate crime, viewing security footage, taking statements from staff and carrying out forensic tests on the bacon.

In April, once word of the incident reached the national media throughout the UK, police offered a reward of more than $7,500 for information leading to the culprits.

"This is a particularly grotesque act which has outraged the family as well as the whole community," police spokesman Tony Hester said, according to the Hillingdon Times.

Richard Barnes, a local member of the Greater London Authority told the paper, "Everybody immediately recognized how absolutely horrendous this is and there has been a full criminal investigation from the beginning."

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