Taliban Strike Back: 10 wounded at Kandahar Base 2 Canadians

2 Canadians among 10 injured in rocket attack on coalition base in Kandahar

at 17:15 on June 30, 2006, EST.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - A Taliban rocket has exploded inside the international coalition base in Kandahar, wounding two Canadian soldiers, one critically.

Eight other people were also injured.

The rocket exploded inside a tent complex around 8:30 p.m., showering soldiers and civilian employees with shrapnel.

As sirens wailed, rescue teams rushed to the scene, carrying the wounded on stretchers into ambulances.

The facility is used by coalition forces including Canadian and American soldiers, civilians and base employees.

Military officials were restricting what can be reported on the explosion.

This is the first time a Taliban rocket attack has caused casualties in at the coalition base in Kandahar.

More than 20 rockets have hit the base since February.

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To my knowledge this is the first time EVER that a rocket fired at a Canadian Camp has hit anything. Last year our camp was attacked a few times a month by rockets and the most they ever accomplished was hitting a storage shed and blowing some brooms and garbage cans to hell.
20 rockets! That's alot. As much as I disagree with the mission in Afghanistan, if our soldiers are over there, I want them to be safe. Why doesn't the government put some money in to protect the bases?
The bases are well protected. For 5 years they've never hit anyone before. They got lucky this time, probably all caught out in the open.

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