BAE Systems achieves major Sampson milestone.

23 Jun 2006

SAMPSON radar on transfer to Cumbria

The world's most powerful radar will be fitted onto the Type 45 Destroyer, the world's most advanced warship. It can detect objects the size of tennis balls moving at more than twice the speed of sound and, when in the English Channel, can detect every aircraft in every major airport in Europe.

BAE SYSTEMS has achieved a major milestone in the SAMPSON programme with the completion of testing of the first prototype radar. The system has now commenced its transfer to a sea-level test site in Cumbria for further trials and to be integrated within the wider system of which it forms part.

The SAMPSON radar is the first of a new generation of Multi-Function Radar which provides surveillance, target tracking and missile guidance information for MBDA’s PAAMS Missile System, the main armament of the UK Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyers that are currently at various stages of build, outfit and integration at BAE Systems’ facilities in Glasgow.

Within PAAMS, the SAMPSON radar will detect targets out to a distance of hundreds of kilometres and provide up-link messages to the Aster missiles to neutralise threats to the fleet. The radar is capable of tracking hundreds of targets at any one time, increasing greatly Royal Naval capability.

The contract from the Ministry of Defence is to develop the multi-function radar capability to qualify the PAAMS Missile System and the Combat System, provide the system for the first of class ship HMS Daring and then five further production Radars. (external - login to view)
Nice, but the RN doesn't have hundreds of missiles in their armoury anyway.

. When NATO attacked Gaddafi the Brits ran out of missiles in the first few days

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