...and they KNEW it was toxic all along, records show, but did nothing to warn people, and did not stop production of Teflon, or stop promoting its use in frypans and cookware. 1000s of people have cancer now, due directly to use of teflon [ are you still?], and Du Pont was fined for selling what they knew was a toxic product [a fine is enough?].

It is a similiar scenario as Vioxx, which has killed over 100,000 now - they knew it was deadly when it first came out, but didn't say so.

These corporate heads, the most respected and most wealthy people in our society, the ones we reward with such huge amounts of money that cannot be spent in one lifetime, would harm us.

They had ZERO problem in selling us products that cause cancer. Its worse thatn bad, its what is going on. They do not care about your cancer, **** you they made money.

These are the people who government listens to. Rarely do they even get fined for doing evil things, to people, and when they are fined, like this $16M, it is LESS THAN THE PROFITS MADE ON THE PRODUCT IN QUESTION.

Du Pont has made PROFITS of over $100M on teflon and the teflon patent, so in giving 5% of the population colon cancer, they came out ahead by about $83million.

- Rich reward for causing suffering eh?

www.straightgoods.ca/ViewConsForum6.cfm?REF=20 (external - login to view)

Not just Du Pont, but most corporations are run like this.

One does it , others have to do it too or the playing field is not level. All it takes to stop this is regulations, a primary responsibiity of government. However, our government is listening to the corporations, those evil ****s tell government what to do since they gave generously for the campains of the elected ones.

"Our people in every position that counts" as they say.

wake up, save yourselves and others with awareness of corporate behaviors and crimes.
Just keep in mind that:
" They Create the Problem, and then offer the Solution, and then ask us to pay for the solution, or if no solution exists, they will gladly just pay the fine... and take home the profits over and above the fine."
[its a wonderul life , for a corporation ]

[who else?]