Child killer Olson eligible for parole.

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Wednesday, Jun 21, 2006
Child killer Olson deserves to die in prison, families to tell parole board

VICTORIA (CP) - Serial child killer Clifford Olson should die behind bars, the family of one of his victims will tell the National Parole Board at a parole hearing expected next month.

Olson, who has served 25 years in prison after pleading guilty in 1982 to the murders of 11 young people in British Columbia, now is eligible for parole as part of his life sentence.

But representatives from the families of at least seven of Olson's victims will attend the parole hearing to oppose his release.

"He shouldn't be out," said Gary Rosenfeldt, whose son Daryn was murdered by Olson in April 1981.

"The bottom line is he murdered 11 children. If they let him out now, it's like he got two years for the murder of each child," he said.

"I don't think that he could ever do enough time in prison. He should die in prison."

Anyone else think this scum should rot in prison for the rest of his life?

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If the present government had any guts, they could rule that Olsen would never get out. Why are we putting the families of the victims through hell every two years?
He should never get out and I'm fairly confident he won't.
Too bad they can't have him declared a dangerous offender and locked up indefinitely. He should never step out of jail.

Our two children were eight and nine years old during Olsen's killing spree. My wife and I walked the kids to school in the morning, and waited for them outside the school in the afternoon. We weren't alone. There were six or eight children who were missing at this point from all over the lower mainland it seemed. That this bastard could drive us to these measures is something I will never forget. I would gladly have hung the son of a bitch. It is too bad we didn't.

I don't have the confidence you have. If we keep having parole hearings, one day we'll get the wrong judge and Olsen will be out.
What gets me about this guy is he used to call and write the parents of his victims from prison to taunt them.

I voted hang him.
Calling, and writing taunting letters to the families of his victims should have ensured his joining the general prison population. I reckon he would last about a week. Better, and cheaper than paying for a good piece of rope.
Obviously, he should have been executed years ago. That's just common sense. If he's to be paroled then those who fought so vigorously to have offenders like Olson jailed and not expunged should be charged with his care and supervision.
No parole for Olson. Can't see it.

Having the families go through hell every 2 (?) years should not be necessary.

Hope he rots in prison.

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