Boy, 7, attacked in Scotland for wearing England shirt.

A FULLY GROWN Scotsman attacked a 7 year old Scottish/New Zealand boy......because he was wearing an England football shirt.

Boy, 7, attacked in Scotland for wearing England shirt
21st June 2006

A seven-year-old football fan punched in the head by a racist thug because he was wearing an England top vowed today to continue to support his soccer heroes.

Hugo Clapshaw was enjoying a kick-around with his father in Edinburgh at the weekend when a man shouted abuse and lashed out with his fists.

Lothian and Borders Police today branded the attack "cowardly and pathetic" and Scottish politicians joined in the condemnation.

His father, Damon Clapshaw, a 34-year-old finance worker originally from New Zealand who now lives in Edinburgh, said: "Hugo decided to support England as there wasn't really much choice [[Scotland are crap]].

"He might decide next week to support Argentina, it's not about race, he's just a kid.

"But he's not going to let this mindless thug put him off supporting England."

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Inverleith park as Hugo, his father, mother Kirsty, 35, sister Lily, four, and seven-month-old Skye enjoyed a family day out.

Out of the blue, the man ran towards Hugo, who was on his scooter, and punched him. Mr Clapshaw confronted the man but he too was punched to the ground and kicked. A passing motorist screamed from her car and the man ran off.

Hugo told the Scottish Sun newspaper: "The man whacked me very hard. He was a lot bigger than me. I am still going to wear the top. My mum bought it for me because I'm supporting England."

Mr Clapshaw added: "I couldn't believe this was happening, in broad daylight. Hugo was in floods of tears and was in a lot of pain.

"I challenged the guy and asked him what it was all about but he turned on me as I walked away. I thought he wasn't going to stop and that maybe he was going to stab me."

He said the man shouted "This is Scotland, not f***** England" after the attack.

"We still love Scotland and we're not going to let this spoil things but it is the last thing we expected to happen on a family day out."

A police spokesman said they were investigating the "cowardly and pathetic" attack.

He added: "We will not be advising people not to wear England shirts."

Meanwhile, police in Aberdeen were hunting a man who attacked a disabled driver because he was wearing an England shirt and flying a St George's Cross from his car.

Ian Smith was sitting in his car on Aberdeen's Anderson Road waiting to pick up a friend's child from school when he was attacked.

Mr Smith, who is originally from Peterborough, is registered disabled.

He was left with a badly-bruised right eye and double vision as a result of the unprovoked assault at about 3pm yesterday.

The 41-year-old told the Press and Journal newspaper: "He just came up to the car and started giving me a load of abuse about supporting England.

"I told him there was no need for all this bigotry because it's only football but he grabbed the flag, snapped it in half and then pulled me out of the car and threw me to the ground.

"I've lived in Aberdeen for years but this is the first time I've ever suffered a physical racist attack."

Aberdeen South MP Anne Begg was "sickened" by the attack.

She said: "Aberdeen is a dynamic, multi-cultural city which is known for being welcoming to all people. It's very upsetting that someone could attack another man purely for being English.

"In a city where we have a very popular English Lord Provost, I am quite sure others in Aberdeen will be absolutely disgusted."

Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie said: "These are appalling incidents - indicative of the worst traits of narrow-minded thuggery, which every self-respecting Scot should condemn outright.

"Scotland is made up of tolerant, kindly, open-minded people and it beholds all of us, in word and deed, to represent our country positively."

Prime Minister Tony Blair also condemned the attack.

Speaking at Commons Question Time today, Labour's Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South, invited the Prime Minister to join the "vast majority" of Scots in condemning the wanton violence against Mr Smith.

Mr Blair said: "I am sure everybody condemns what was an appalling and totally unjustifiable attack."

But he also emphasised: "In fairness to the football fans from England as well, the vast majority of them behave extremely well.

"I think the way that this present World Cup is being conducted is absolutely excellent and is a great tribute not just to the German authorities who are conducting it and in charge of it, but to the English fans who have travelled there."
I can see a Scotsman being upset over English rep in Scotland, because from what I can tell all my scotish realitives dont really like the English.....

But...People Can support anyteam they want no matter where theya re from....Hell I have an FC England shirt and I am In Canada.....? Its sports...and tis a kid...that man is a real ***
The more I read about football fans, the stupider I think they are. I'm becoming a world cup biggot.
Kelvin MacKenzie.
The Sun
22nd June 2006

I have some good news and bad news about the English-hating Scots.

The good news is that they are dying sooner than the rest of us [[England, Wales and Northern Ireland]].

The Office of National Statistics reveals that Glaswegians especially are going early.

The Government office says that thanks to a lifelong diet of misery, cynicism, fried Mars bars and tins of syrupy beer, Glaswegians are turning in their sporrans at 70 years old, compared to the UK average of 76.

Now the bad news. Five years ago, Allan Robinson, 44, moved from Leeds, Yorkshire, to the ugly suburb of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, in Scotland.

(Last year, Coatbridge had more 999 calls than the rest of Scotland. Nice people.)

He put a single St George's Cross (England flag) in his window to support England. The effect; thugs smashed three windows.

He went down to the shops in his England kit with his girlfriend and the locals hurled abuse at them.

He was so frightened, he didn't leave his home all weekend and is now thinking of moving. Only thinking?

The faster we accept that Scotland are England are two nations divided by a common language, the better.

My solution is simple: Build Hadrian's Wall another hundred foot higher and start lifting in Red Cross parcels of.....Mars bars.
Quote: Originally Posted by EastSideScotian

I can see a Scotsman being upset over English rep in Scotland, because from what I can tell all my scotish realitives dont really like the English.....

We don't like Canadians much, so we're even.

There are 1 million Scots living in England (a great number considering that Scotland has a population of only 4 million and that there are only 500,000 Englishmen living in Scotland, and England has a population of over 50 million) and you never hear stories of Scots in England being beaten up for wearing Scotland shirts. But stories of English people being beaten up in Scotland for wearing England shirts is common, so what does that tell you about the people of Scotland compared to the people of England?
Of the 10 places in the UK with the highest life expectancy, all of them are in England.

Of the 10 with the lowest life expectancy, 7 are in Scotland.

The east of Dorset has the UK's highest life expectancy.

The cities which can take ten years from your life
By Daily Mail Reporter

20th June 2006

Beautiful: East Dorset is the area with the highest life expectancy, according to a study

There are many who would consider themselves lucky to be born in the lively cities of Glasgow, Manchester or Liverpool.

But they might think again if they knew their place of birth may have knocked a few years off their lives.

According to a study, those born in Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool have far lower life expectancy than those born in more affluent areas.

While males live an average of 69.3 years in Glasgow, that rises to 80.8 years in affluent spots such as East Dorset, Winchester, or Kensington and Chelsea in the capital.

The research, published yesterday by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, ranked the ten best and worst areas to be born in, based on life expectancy figures for 2002 to 2004 and employment rates for 2004 to 2005.

As expected, the employment rate was generally lower in those areas with lower life expectancy.

CSP chief executive Phil Gray said: 'It is sadly still a fact of life that the poorer die younger. Lifespan should not be determined by wealth in 2006.

'Physiotherapists want to see health inequalities become a feature of the past.

'To ensure that length of life is more equitable across the UK, the CSP is calling on everyone involved in the delivery of healthcare to place more emphasis on ill-health prevention strategies and put the removal of inequality at the top of the health agenda.'

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: 'For the first time ever, health inequalities is one of the department's top six priorities for the NHS.

'This reflects a growing recognition of the impact of social disadvantage on the health of the population.

'The Government's long-term health inequalities strategy is designed to tackle the deep-rooted causes of poor health and meet the 2010 target to reduce health inequalities in life expectancy and infant mortality by 10 per cent.'

She said health trainers, targeted initially at the most deprived communities, were one of the initiatives that would help narrow the gap.

Lowest life expectancy

The research found that Glasgow was the area with the lowest life expectancy, followed by Inverclyde, West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, all in Scotland.

Manchester had the sixth lowest life expectancy, with Blackpool ninth and Liverpool tenth. The rest of the ten were all in Scotland.

The ten areas with the highest life expectancy were topped by East Dorset, followed by Kensington and Chelsea and the Hart district of Hampshire.

The 10 areas with the lowest life expectancy were:

1. Glasgow City (Scotland_
2. Inverclyde (Scotland)
3. West Dunbartonshire (Scotland)
4. Renfrewshire (Scotland)
5. Eilean Siar (Scotland)
6. Manchester (England)
7 North Lanarkshire (Scotland)
8. Dundee City (Scotland)
9. Blackpool (England)
10. Liverpool (England)

The 10 areas with the highest life expectancy were:

1. East Dorset (England)
2. Kensington and Chelsea (England)
3. Hart, Hampshire (England)
4. Uttlesford, Essex (England)
5. South Norfolk (England)
6. Wokingham (England)
7. Rutland (England)
8. Brentwood (England)
9. Winchester (England)
10. Purbeck (England)
Blackleaf I really hope that you feel intelligent and proud of yourself for slagging off the Scots. Thank you for posting useless statistics which support your futile attempts to put down a beautiful country.

Yes the incident between the 7 year old boy and the grown up biggot was horrible. Most Scots are not like the horrible worthless creature who attacked the young boy. I don't think you have ever gone to Scotland and witnessed the hospitality and kindness of the Scots. There is a rivalry between the two nations and most of the time it is friendly but however this time it turned quite nasty.

Who are you to state that the English aren't too fond of Canadians ? Have you just pulled that out of the air somehow ? Would be interesting to know where you got that from.
I'm getting the impression Blackleaf isn't fond of anyone who isn't English.
Quote: Originally Posted by tracy

I'm getting the impression Blackleaf isn't fond of anyone who isn't English.

Hes a bulley.

Did someone pee in yer porridge this AM?

Jees man What a totally juvenile attitude.

A great big bunch of our ancestors here in Canada come from all parts of the UK, and if there are any axes to grind re: who hates who, it's best left in the UK.

The days of the Irish, Scots, Brits, duking it out on the main street just because they are Irish, Scots, or Brits are long past over here. Sincerely suggest you get with the 21st century ol chap.

Most of the people from the UK I've had the pleasure to meet have been great folks. Can't say as I've heard them remark they hate anyone at all.

Stiff upper thingy there Blackleaf.

Quote: Originally Posted by tracy

I'm getting the impression Blackleaf isn't fond of anyone who isn't English.

Its actually pretty impressive that Blackleaf has turned a thread that should invoke sympathy for the English into one where everyone's slagging England.
I don't see anyone slagging England.
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