(CC) The Need For Intelligence


The Need For Intelligence
By Naman Crowe
Wednesday June 14, 2006

Who's listening to your telephone calls?

Commentary with Naman Crowe.

Id like to address the asylum for a moment. The head nuts keep harping about the need for intelligence, good human intelligence, as our most important weapon in the War on Terror. I couldnt agree more.

But not the kind of intelligence that is so expensive and comes from spying and eavesdropping and listening in on our phone conversations. What we need is the kind of good human intelligence that comes from the brain for free.

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No doubt about it. Using some intelligence would probalby be a good thing.

Stupidity's been tried, and it's not doing so well

Intelligence isn't a common Canadian trait. Hopefully, we can import some. The problems that seem to resonate most with citizens today were wholly created in the last thirty years. Maybe we should advertise and simply ask people 'with brains' to apply for sensitive positions. It's a start.

If you still trust the U.S. Government, under the leadership of the present administration, to tell the American people the honest truth behind its plans and schemes, including the true reasons for the attack on Iraq and the War on Terror, you may be a nut.

LOL. Reminds me of the redneck comedian talking about some people needing to wear signs.

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