Dont bring a gun to a knife fight..or something?

Apparently four teen-agers in Atlanta, GA were creeping around one evening looking for people to rob. In the preceeding weeks, they are believed to have been responsible for other muggings.

Well this night, "pay-back is a bitch" caught up with them... (external - login to view)

I say good riddance, but just wanted to see what other people thought, I know there will be at least one person to come down on the side of the robbers, well one of them is an ex-robber now, and the one other got his chest cavity aereated. The media in Atlanta loved the fact that the dead one was supposedly pregnant, that is until an autopsy showed she wasn't.

Thing is, this wasn't even a bad part of Atlanta, and these kids lived in good neighborhoods, and went to a good school.

Could you imagine the uproar though, if the mugging victim had been white? Atlanta would have burned I imagine..
Sounds like they picked

the wrong guy to rob. It also sounds like there is no guarantee that the remaining robber will be around to stand trial. If that serendipitous thing happens, it would save a whole bag full of money for the justice system. :P
Goood for him. Punks got what they deserved. Thinning out the herd I say :P
He was very lucky, and the military training he had was a plus,too. There should be an award for him[JMO]
Damn right. Would have been better had he killed all four.
i hope the young man lives to feel remorse for his actions its sad whats happening with society today as violence such as this is springing up the world over even in the small towns where living was at one time safer. the only thing that irritated me about this story was that there was a need to pry into the victims life to prove that he was honorably discharged from the military as if it would have made a difference in the fact that he was attacked and defended himself.
Semper fi:

Too bad he didn't gut the bunch of them.


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