Marijuana - "protects from cancer" - report - May

It was allways the objective of studies on marijuana to find out just how bad of a carcinogen it is - after all, if it is smoke it must be harmfull.

That is the conservative mindset, looking for the wrong evidence in the wrong places, all based on misinformation from the War on Drugs. [just another phoney war!]

Then they looked to see if ANY link to cancer could be found from smoking marijuana - still looking at it all wrong, they ended up confused.

Finally, it is discovered that smoking marijuana protects us from cancer by a process where the "THC, a chemical in marijuana smoke, may encourage aging cells to die earlier and therefore be less likely to undergo cancerous transformation."

Whatever, this "marijuana cancer cell killing mechanism" is better than ANY of the PharmaGiants drugs for cancer, better than chemo - the patient doesn't have to almost die for it to work.'

So, the idea that tobacco smokers should have a joint at the end of the day to ameliorate [fix] the damage done by tobbaco isn't such a far-out idea after all. We have been saying it for years, maybe in an offhanded and sarcastic snipe at "the man", but it was true all along.

BUT OH NO!!! They couldn't just look to see if marijuan protects us from cancer, first they had to go thru 25 years of looking for the cancers of pot smokers. This might be telling me me that they are looking for ways to create cancers, not defeat them. Cancer is the biggest area of medical profits. Maybe they were looking into why so many people don't have cancer yet, and found that its because 40% of the poopulation is smoking marijuana, the bastards are protecting themselves from our rights to earn a living [off cancer treatments and diagnosis].

Okay, so you can't go that far. How far will your mind stretch out on this issue?
- at least that this study is valid?

Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana Use And Lung Cancer

The safer smoke
Even heavy marijuana use poses no increased risk of cancer
Dateline: Monday, May 29, 2006 (external - login to view)

Right on Man!! Pass the J.

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