Terrorists lurking in Canada

Hank C
Potential terrorists lurking in Canadian cities, says spy agency

OTTAWA (CP) - Canada has its own crop of homegrown terrorists capable of acts like the deadly attacks on London's transit system last summer, says Canada's spy agency.

"I can tell you that all of the circumstances that led to the London transit bombings . . . are resident here and now in Canada," Jack Hooper, operations director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told a Senate committee Monday.

The threat from Canadian-bred terrorists is considered by CSIS to be on a par with external terror threats, Hooper said during an appearance with RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli.

He did not, however, say how many homegrown terror suspects there are in Canada, where they live, or which groups they are connected with.

The Senate's national security and defence committee was supposed to be examining Canada's role in Afghanistan. But the hearing sprawled across the security waterfront to include everything from CSIS interrogation techniques to the RCMP's ability to use spy service intelligence in criminal prosecutions.

Conservative Senator Michael Meighen asked Hooper and Zaccardelli to connect the dots between the Afghan mission and Canadian domestic security.

"The ordinary Canadian at Tim Hortons doesn't get it, in the sense that they don't seem to perceive the threat to themselves and their families and to their communities the same way you two gentlemen do," said Meighen.

Zaccardelli said failed states are breeding grounds for terrorists and organized crime.

"When we can help these countries help themselves, we are actually helping Canada," he said. "I strongly believe it is a good investment."

Hooper pointed to several examples of people who had lived in Canada, and later took part in terrorist attacks. He said a common thread was time spent training at terror camps in Afghanistan.

"When we talk about the homegrown terrorist phenomenon, these are people. . . in most instances who are Canadian citizens," said the CSIS deputy. "You can't remove them anywhere.

"Most of them are very young. A lot of them were born here. A lot of them who were not born here emigrated to Canada with their parents at a very young age."

Hooper did not provide any specifics on numbers or their whereabouts - "we know who some of them are," he said cryptically - and did not respond to questions from reporters after the hearing.

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, the chairman of the committee, said Britain's experience last summer should provide a wake-up call for the problems Canada could encounter with homegrown terrorists.

"They'd been born in country," Kenny said of the group that detonated a series of bombs, killing 52 civilians and four terrorists last July 7.

"They had all of the slang and comfort with the culture that you and I have, and yet, boom, here they are committing terrorist acts," Kenny said during a break in the hearings.

"It's a huge challenge to the police and the security forces to find them, to have a broad enough net to catch them. And so far I haven't heard anyone give us a good handle on how they can deal with it."

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. Drumming up fear over a potential terrorist attackhere in Canada is so obviously a ploy to gain support for the continued "occupation" of Afghanistan.

That being said, connecting the dots between the threat of terrorist attacks in Canada, and the need for invading and occupying Afghanistan , and Iraq too, is a tenuous connection at best.

From all accounts, these invasions have produced more terrorists, a sentiment agreed to by many if not most academia. Certainly they produce more ill will towards the western nations in general. There you have it - maybe its not protecting us at all.

Getting back to the reality of the threat - if a terrorist actually did blow themselves up somewhere in Canada, a populated area, and 100 victims lay dead and injured, it would still not represent a threat of any "statistical significance" - the chance of YOU being hurt by that blast is 100 to 30 million ... = 1 in 300,000.

In fact, it would be about the same casualty list as 2 days of car crashes across Canada. They have really blown the threat of terrorism in North America into huge ballons that do not have much substance. Even if we looked at all the N.A. terrorist victims since the year 2000, there are only the WTC 's 3000 victims. Thats not much really... tragic for sure but not a threat of great proportions.

Go ahead and ad in the London train bombings and even Italy's tradedy and it still isn't anywheres near traffic accident victim rates.

So, go blow it out your ear dude, Canada's crop of terrorists isn't a big threat, certainly not one worthy of breaking international rules where we invade and occupy another nation.
There is always potential for a terrorist attack. It only takes one loonie at any time in the world to act alone, make a bomb and explode it somewhere in the world. You can't stop this. CSIS is releasing this information to generate fear and perhaps generate a little more money in there budget next year
CSIS is generating fear, not terrorist...OK, gottcha.
Hank C
Terrorists caught in Toronto?

TORONTO -- Police have arrested several people in the Toronto region for allegedly plotting an attack with explosives, The Canadian Press has learned.

"It is very serious,'' said a source who asked not to be named. "These people had plans.''

While the intended target is unclear, the plan was to detonate an explosive device in Ontario, the source said.

"That's the tool of choice for anybody who wants to cause damage.''

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the RCMP and other police forces are involved in the ongoing investigation.

The Canadian Press

Hank C
Well I guess we will learn more about this tomorrow, whether they were home grow, sleeper cells, or a bunch of kids....
Yes we have to wait and see. If anyone is proven guilty then he shd be given the strictest of punishments because he/they have brought shame to the Muslim community. However, until proven guilty they shd be given all the rights that an ordinary criminal is given and there shd be no abuse/torture as well until they are proven guilty
Quote: Originally Posted by akpower

Yes we have to wait and see. If anyone is proven guilty then he shd be given the strictest of punishments because he/they have brought shame to the Muslim community. However, until proven guilty they shd be given all the rights that an ordinary criminal is given and there shd be no abuse/torture as well until they are proven guilty


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