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Friday, May 26, 2006
Mexican pot found in fishholds and behind false wall of seized ship

VICTORIA (CP) - Police have found 1,600 kilograms of marijuana aboard a ship seized at Ucluelet on Monday.

The RCMP say 142 bales of the Mexican pot were found in a hold and another 23 bales were behind a false wall at the forward end of the ship.

Insp. Paul Nadeau says the search continues, but authorities believe they have most of the drugs.

Four Canadians and a Mexican are charged in the case.

Nadeau says police had been monitoring the activities of several of the accused from B.C. as far back as October of last year.

The ship left Halifax in December and police believe the marjiuana was picked up en route to Ucluelet.

The nerve of these guys. Trying to undermine the BCbud market. :P
Really, like selling ice cubes to the Eskimos.
hmmm. wonder if they have a storage problem. I've got room in my shed.....
I thought of telling them I could store a bale or two in the spare bedroom. Wonder how big a bale is. From the numbers, the bales are about twenty pounds each. Lemme see, at a hundred bucks an ounce, that is mucho dinero, about $33,000.00 per bale times a hundred and sixty bales is five and a half million dollars. They probably bought it for a tenth of that. Wonder how many trips they made and didn't get caught? :P

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