Inspiration to divorce your car

Colin Angus becomes first person to travel around the earth on human power (bike, foot, row-boat) (external - login to view)

In June 2004 a team departed from Canada on what is undoubtedly the world’s most grueling race: To be the first to travel around the planet (land and ocean) entirely by human power. Three nations, Britain, the USA and Canada are attempting to be first in this quest.

The team is using zero-emissions travel to highlight issues with global warming and to inspire others to use non-motorized transportation.

Expedition Planet Earth is using non-motorized transportation to circumnavigate the earth. By travelling 42,000 km using only human power, the team hopes to promote awareness about global warming and demonstrate how effective human powered travel can be.

"If we can propel ourselves around the world. Will you propel yourself to work or school?"
What no interest in this story? A Canadian propelled himself around the world with no motor!

I thought that this story was amazing! I am glad he had a reason for doing this trip.

I already got rid of my car and I have been biking to work for years.

Must be a lot of people still running a car with a guilty conscience

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