Orchestrated Terrorism - documents for 1962 plan in new book

"U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba" -
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A book has just been released this month [May 2006] that is based on some recently released documents from the Kennedy era.

The USA military had drawn up a plan that was designed to get public suppport for a USA war on Cuba.

It was no commissioned by Kennedy govt., the military does these things so regularly that they just did it as part of stanadard proceedures.

"Pre-War sentiment" is a crucial factor in a democratic nation trying to head to war, public support is almost essential. The way to gain that support is usually FEAR.

This is NOT whacky conspiracy theory, it is the way war has been done fro millenia. EVERY war fought with public support has a better chance of achieving its goals, and leaders know this very well.

Fast Forward to 2001, and the mystery and downright secrecy and lies surrounding the WTC 9-11 incident might indicate that it was just another tactic to gain public support "to go all the way to Baghdad this time".

So many oddities that day and following days led creedence to the "9-11 being Orchestrated Terrorism" theory.
*No fighter jets got into the air, as they had each day for 25 years until 9-11 ;
*the buildings seemed to come down in a controlled explosion, indicated pre-planning of 9-11 ;
*the Elite Arabs got to fly home to Saudi Arabia {where most of the highjackers were from!!!} on 9-12 when nobody else was allowed fly
* some of the highjackers had previosuly worked for the CIA when Daddy Bush was head of the CIA; the hijackers

- and thats just off the top of my head!!

Whereas most Americans would support a military action like "going to get the bad guys who blew it up so good", they would be utterly horrified to learn their own government wasted those 2500 lives and three buildings just to get support for an invasion of Iraq.

Actually, the three WTC buildings were slated to be replaced soon, another oddity.

There are two other less well documented examples of the USA doing "orchestrated Terrorism - Vietnam's Tonkin Valley, and Pearl Harbour [yes, that one!]. Same results too - it worked!!

So, having this "now-documented" history of Orchestrating Terrorism, America is as good as proven guilty of the worse crimes against humanity ever. 9-11 and the Iraq/Afghan invasion / occupation has taken half a million lives, and it was all based on a farce, orchestrated trrorism.

The only reason this Northwoods Orchestrated Terrorism did not result in a war on Cuba is that Kennedy was in power at the time. The military was fully prepared to go to war, and were encouraging Kennedy to do it too. The USA military has a more direct political role/influence than we knew, until now.


PS - if this is too much whacko stuff for you, don't forget that this is documented and published. Mass media is not spreading it very far though, they find the public will refuse to believe it , and worse, the public will stop buying the newspapers that print it.
It's old news.
Old news but bad news, most western sheeple will refuse to consider the truth about American terrorism because thier to brainwashed by thier poor education and poor entertainment.
It didn't happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay

It didn't happen.


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