A Canadian female soldier killed in Afghanistan


Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan
Last Updated Wed, 17 May 2006 14:02:33 EDT
CBC News
A female soldier from Canada has been killed while serving in Afghanistan, military officials said Wednesday.

INDEPTH: Canada in Afghanistan

She has not been identified, but was a captain in the Canadian Forces.

Details are scarce, but it is known she died during a major operation south of Kandahar.

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It's not clear whether she was killed in combat or in an accident.

This raises Canada's death toll in Afghanistan to 16 soldiers and one diplomat since the mission started in 2002.

Roughly 2,300 Canadian soldiers are serving in the country, mostly around the southern Kandahar region.

MPs will vote Wednesday on whether to extend Canada's deployment in the country until 2009 from its currently scheduled end date of February 2007.

Johnny Utah

A Sad Day for the Canadian Military, her family and friends. RIP
How ironic! Just when the conservatives are trying to lengthen the canadian mission until 2009
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny Utah

A Sad Day for the Canadian Military, her family and friends. RIP

A sad day indeed.

CBC update.

Obviously a hard woman. A gunner with 1 RCHA, currently attached to 1 PPCLI. A lot of men on this planet can't do those jobs. Clearly a sad loss.
Sounds like a really strong woman who will be missed by her family, friends, colleges, the military in general and other strangers who might not know what her sacrifice means to them.

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