British Army corporal gassed a recruit.

Gassed by own Corporal

Defence Editor

A SADISTIC Army instructor laughed as he made a video of teenage recruits being GASSED.

Corporal Bob Mills — who wears an electronic tag after being convicted of assault — ordered the rookies to breathe CS gas inside a sealed chamber.

He revelled in using his mobile phone to film them choking, being sick and begging to be let out of what he called his “palace of fun”.

In a scandalous oversight which raises serious questions for top brass, he was allowed to be in charge of 30 recruits despite being convicted of ABH just three weeks ago.

He attacked a man in a nightclub after eight pints, pushing him downstairs and knocking him out.

Judges deemed Mills, who already had a conviction for affray, such a threat to society they ordered him to wear a tag and slapped a 7pm-6am curfew on him.

Army bosses knew all about it as they gave Mills permission to wear a tracksuit instead of uniform because he could not fit his boots over his tag.

Yet they STILL allowed him to carry on at the Army Training Regiment’s depot in Winchester, Hampshire.

New recruits are supposed to be exposed to CS — also known as teargas — for a few seconds to let them feel its effects and gain faith in their protective masks.

But Mills ordered trainees to take off their masks for up to 65 seconds, risking serious health damage.

Mills made the film — handed to The Sun by an insider — by hijacking a routine exercise at the unit’s Sir John Moore Barracks.

In the test rookies are meant to remove their masks just long enough to say their name, rank and number.

But bully Mills forces three trainees in his 2½-minute film to endure the gas far longer — even giving a running commentary.

The video begins with him bawling at a recruit called Reed: “Put your f***ing respirator away. What’s your f***ing regiment?”

Mills then appears to grab the spluttering, crying recruit and shake him hard, only allowing him to leave the chamber after he blurts out: “Royal Logistics.”

A second trainee called Pearson begins to gasp and then vomits on the floor.

As Mills demands his Army number, Pearson’s eyes bulge and he begs: “Stop! Help me, help me!”

Pearson is finally allowed to sprint out gasping as Mills cackles hysterically.

He then turns to the other trainees and sneers: “Who’s next in Corporal Mills’s palace of fun?”

He picks on a recruit called Grant, goading him for raising one arm in a distress signal.

As soon as The Sun handed over the video to the Army last night, military cops launched a probe.

Mills, who was suspended from his post, would not comment. But a serving soldier said: “He’s a very nasty piece of work. It’s insanity to have someone like that around young people.”

The scandal is a massive blow to top brass still reeling from March’s report into the deaths of recruits at Deepcut Barracks. The MoD said: “We can confirm this is being investigated.”
I remember when I had to go in the gas chamber during my naval training.
Nice guy.
If I was one of those recruits. I would wait a few years and then have a little fun with a guy like that. Watch him cry and vomit and do stuff. It would be sweet.
While I don't condone the actions of the "corporal" (if he can be called that) in this instance, I will say that CS gas isn't as bad as they're making it out to be. I've been gassed more times than I can remember, and i've spent anywhere from a few seconds (changing gas cannisters or using RSDL) to upwards of two minutes (practicing full MOPP decontamination) in the stuff and yes, it burns like a motherf.ucker, and you feel like you're going to yak, but it serves a training purposes. In the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps, infanteers often moving through trench systems filled with CS gas, without the use of a C7 gas mask. This forces them to control their breathing and become somewhat acustom to the gas. The same thing is done for military police officers who are purposely tear gassed so they know what it's like to be on the receiving end, and they're also pepper-sprayed to excess so they also know what the deal is with that. Bottom line, the guy is obivously a complete nut that needs to be removed from the Armed Forces. However, long-term exposure to CS gas is neither inherently harmful or appaling. The method in which you expose someone is the deciding factor, and this jerkwad obviously didn't do it remotely right. My 58 cents.
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