Pray for Sophie Delizio (Sophie Delizio)

3 years ago, Sophie was 1 of 2 survivors when a man drove his car into a daycare centre. She suffered severe burns to the majority of her body, had to have both feet amputated and lost many of her fingers. But she pulled through.

As of yesterday, this little angel is fighting for her life again, after being run down by a car while her carer was pushing her in her pram across a pedestrian crossing. She has suffered severe injuries to her head, chest and legs and remains in ICU.

Please pray for little Sophie that she will continue to fight and make it through yet again. My thoughts and prayers go to her family as well during this very difficult time.
Poor girl. I hope she makes it through.
It's just so awful, how much can one little girl take?
If I was a "Christian", I would suggest that someone, ie "God", had it in for her.

But I hope she recovers, I won't pary or pray, because I don't believe in that.

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