Man Glued to Toilet

I think not
Wal-Mart worker finds man glued to toilet
20-year-old bangs on wall to attract attention, is treated and released

SALISBURY, Md. - A 20-year-old was found by a Wal-Mart employee in the bathroom Sunday night after he sat down and was glued to the toilet seat.

The man, whose name was not released by police, was taken to the hospital late Sunday night, said Lt. Cheryl Rantz of the Salisbury Police Department.

"The man had gone into the bathroom and sat down," she said. "He was banging on the wall when the employee came in."
This has happened before, the last time I can recall was in Ireland about 15 years ago.

The man was stuck, the Firebrigade and Police showed up and couldn't get him off. Ultimately, they had to remove the toilet from the floor, and carry the man still on the commode, out of the bathroom and to the hospital. I don't know if they removed the seat from the fixture out in the pub, but I think they took the entire mess to the hospital.

I know how it was done but won't tell it here. There's too many stupid Hosers out there who will try it on a Saturday night in a Brasserie if they get the idea.

I think not
Tell us! Tell us!
Whatever happened to wiping the seat in a public washroom before using it?
I'll give you a hint --

A substance was used which was discovered while attempting to invent a substitute for surgical stitches.....

If you're a Newfy and can figure this out before everyone else, it's time to stand up in the face of all those nasty jokes and stereotypes!!!!

When this happens and where it happens, the victim is usually in the condition that he doesn't care if he/she gets STICKY BUNS or not!

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