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Friday, Apr 28, 2006
Soldier hit in head with axe out of coma, joking with nurses

VANCOUVER (CP) - A Canadian soldier who suffered severe head wounds in an axe attack in Afghanistan has gone from a drug-induced coma to quipping with nurses about his beer-drinking skills, according to his wife.

The recovery of Capt. Trevor Greene, a civil-military co-operation officer, after the incident on March 4 is detailed in a blog by Debbie.

She responded by telephone to an e-mail request for an interview and confirmed she wrote the entry, but she declined to provide any more details or give her last name.

"Some would say it is a miracle he has made it this far,

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Probably, not many people

would survive having an axe driven into their head. I really hope he gets back to normal. His wife's comments are encouraging.
Nice to hear. Head injuries are scary in general, but I can't imagine how horrifying it must have been for his family to find out he was hit with an axe.
Now if we could get Steven Harper to come out of his............

I think not
Good news for a change.

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