It's no wonder the the Monarchy is now popular with the British.

Just last week, Prince Harry said that he will quit the Army if he doesn't get sent to a war zone to fight for his country.

Now he has followed in his mother's footsteps by setting up a charity to help African children with AIDS. In 2004, he visited poverty-stricken Lesotho and met with some of the child AIDS victims -

Prince Harry Following in Diana's Footsteps

Prince Harry has launched his own charity in memory of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, to help African children orphaned by Aids.

"Sentebale'', which means "Forget me not'', was started by the 21-year-old royal to tackle the plight of youngsters in the disease-stricken southern African country of Lesotho.

The name - chosen by the Prince - is a poignant tribute to his late mother, who was killed in a car crash nearly nine years ago, and points to Harry's drive to ensure both the Princess and the children of Lesotho are never forgotten.

The new organisation, which will be run by Clarence House, is the next major step in the Prince's pledge to continue Diana's legacy in the fight against Aids.

Harry returned to the impoverished kingdom this week to launch Sentebale and visited the Mants'ase Children's Home near Mohale's Hoek to which he travelled two years ago on his first trip to Lesotho.

He was reunited with Mutsu Potsane - the little Aids orphan he became so fond of during his stay.

Pulling faces and playing with the youngster, Harry showed he had his mother's touch as he cuddled him on his lap. He pretended to throw Mutsu over his shoulder and lifted him off the ground, dangling him by his outstretched arms.

The Prince vowed to be committed to his new charity for life and described the massive impact his late mother, a champion of Aids victims, had on his decision to set up the organisation.

He co-founded the charity with Lesotho's Prince Seeiso whose own mother Queen Mamohato - a much-loved figure in the country - died in 2003.

Harry revealed: "Sentebale does mean 'forget me not' and it's a way that both me and Prince Seeiso can relate to our mothers, who were both in sort of the same jobs working with orphaned children.''

He added: "We thought about a lot of names, a lot of them. I asked Seeiso to find one in Sesotho (the Lesotho language). He came up with this one and it just stood out.''

Sentebale is also used to say goodbye, meaning literally "Don't forget me''.

On how much of an inspiration Diana had been to Sentebale, the Prince revealed: "Massively. Mine, as well as Seeiso's mother.

"Both our mothers were hugely connected with Aids, especially the orphaned children from that itself.

"As I said last year or two years ago, I wanted to carry on as best I could what she started and what better place than to do it than here?

"I'm sure she knew this place, but I'm trying to start something slightly new.

"This particular charity, rather than aiming directly at Aids itself, it's (about) the knock (on) effect on the children so we can actually help the kids. Most other charities are concentrating on other areas.''

Asked if he thought Diana would be proud, he said with a smile: "I hope so.''

The Prince described his determination to help, saying: "There's no one else. It's only us. This is our place. We're starting with small projects.''

He told the Press Association: "You'll be surprised. Come back to this place in 25 years, you'll see a massive difference.''

The Prince insisted: "As far as I'm concerned, I'm committed for the rest of my life.''

Donations to Sentebale can be made by calling 0800 458 0835.

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