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My neither.

I have a billion dollars and look like a male supermodel.

We already know that.
Toro & EH: great way to kill a smart thread.

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Actually, studies I've read suggest that television news usually leaves a person less informed than someone who abstains from the tube.

But that's another thread.


Nah, that enters into this thread. I am aware of US news atrocities, yet I have been sans cable/stellite/network TV for over 4 years now.

I seek multiple news sources from teh internets. I actually find that participating in/reading fora in which folks discuss news tends to spur an info-seeking mission in me. I often abuse Google to find as many viewpoints as I can before I grow lazy and slightly apathetic. (Apathy sets in MUCH faster with the unadulterated aid of TV, so I think I'm doing well)
To what BFGRW16-10-32 said, produce is an acceptable word to use. It's the same word lawyers use to present evidence, can they produce any evidence? That evidence will be subject to scrutiny, much like news stories should be.
I was awatching some talking heads a week or so ago who went on about the US media in the lead up to the war in Iraq. There were some who criticized Fox for being biased. One guy chimed in to say that was par for the course on Fox and was not the problem. The real tragedy were networks like CNN who didn't want to look biased and simply ignored producing anything that questioned the administration on their march to war. There was enough groupthink going on in government and public (with us or against us) that anyone questioning the facts around Saddam Hussein and Iraq was likely to be labeled in similar fashion to Al Jazeera. The American media did the country a disservice IMO. For those of us who watched at arms length it was fairly obvious.
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It was obvious to alot of us....just not MOST of us. I like how FaxNews uses the slogan "Fair and Balanced".

Here's something I particularly loved (and it's why I adore Stephen Colbert): (external - login to view)
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FoxNews, not FaxNews....though i'm sure I was thinking 'FauxNews'.

Damn you Freud and the mislabeled slips we claim!

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