Home invasions.

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Personally I have nothing in my home that is worth more than "moi". If anyone was to enter my home, I would get the hell out. .

I agree that in many situations that is what one should do.. but what about situations where one has a wife or children in the house. To my understanding, under the present canadian laws, If I am confronted with a violent criminal in my living room, and the closest escape route is the window next to me, I am legally obligated to jump out that window. IF my children are in the next room, I am still supposed to jump out that window. Anything else is illegal and could be construed as assault, antagonizing the criminal, etc.

But that is simply not an option for any rational human. Anyone would become violent in order to protect their family from invading criminals, and the law should understand that.

Absolutely, one would do anything to protect ones children. But becoming aggressive may the worst thing for that. You dont want to get your children involved in crossfire, or taken as hostages. Best idea might be a house alarm that alerts you of an intruder, so hopefully one could round up the kids and move out fast- much as one would have to in a fire. There is no one answer to every criminal situation, but the majority of cases do appear to show that becoming aggressive yourself is likely to increase the aggression of the intruder. Most intruders do not want to get involved in a fight.

And if you have a gun in the house with kids, what do you do with it? The statistics on accidental gun injuries and fatalities of kids is shocking. And sadly, having a gun in the house increases the risk of a successful suicide attempt in a teenager who is depressed.
[quote="Colpy"]This is something I know about.

The problem is not JUST the mandated storage laws for firearms. Even if you have a loaded gun in your hand, you can only use it IF

1.) you are in IMMEDIATE danger of death or greivous bodily harm.

2.) you have no option of retreat.} "

As well as the above, you have to "prove" that in court to the satisfaction of the judge and jury. Good luck with the life savings. The lawyers are going to get that, and you might still go to jail for defending yourself.

Even if you are not charged (and you probably will be), the scumbags' family can take you to civil court thereby relieving you of any money you have left.

Also, if you tell all your buddies or post on here that you would blow a home invader away, and the court supponeas your pals, and they can prove "predisposition", you is doin time.

Move to Texas.

Also, have you ever killed anyone? Even if you think you are completely justified, or feel completely threatened, do you really think there wont be a part of your conscience that regrets having to live with that action.. Do you want your kids to grow up with the image of their daddy shooting someone....very traumatic.

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