Kidnapped man rescued: 8 people arrested

VANCOUVER (CP) - A millionaire's son snatched a week ago at gunpoint and held for nearly a week as his terrified parents pleaded with his kidnappers was rescued Wednesday in raids on 14 houses by armed police officers.

A shaken Graham McMynn, who had been confined during his captivity, was rescued from a house in suburban Surrey and taken to hospital, said Insp. Tom McCluskie. With only minor facial injuries and in the company of his elated parents, McMynn, 23, went directly to the police station to personally thank officers.

"I can tell you, there was hardly a dry eye" among investigators, McCluskie said.

One hundred officers targeted 14 homes in and around the Vancouver area as part of the operation that involved several police units.

By late afternoon, McMynn was home with his family. He and his parents roared through an electric gate in front of their upscale house past a waiting throng of media and disappeared into the property's garage.

They did not speak to reporters, although a family member was expected to hold a news conference Thursday.

McCluskie said McMynn's father, Bob McMynn, was so elated when he heard his son was OK that he had trouble forming a sentence.

"It's just been awful," Doreen McMynn, Graham's grandmother, told said.

She got her son on the phone, Graham's dad, and told him how happy she was.

"We're so happy, all we can do is cry," she said.

The day began with the officers gathering at a downtown armoury to be given orders on the raids on several houses that included a residence on Vancouver Island.

"Investigative measures" throughout the week led police to believe McMynn was being held in one of the houses, McCluskie said, refusing to elaborate.

Eventually, at least eight people were arrested, with more arrests possibly to follow.

Those arrested were known to police, McCluskie said, adding drugs were involved.

McCluskie would not say what prompted the abduction, but said it had nothing to do with Graham, who was "targeted." (external - login to view)

So does anyone know about this drug angle? Was the kid involved in drugs and is that why he was kidnapped maybe he had to pay someone, or did the kidnappers just use drugs and it was found in the arrests?
Woa! That is pretty crazy.... lucky lucky...
Supposedly, one of the suspects was on bail for another kidnapping charge.

So I don't know what is up with that but.

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