Ever Wonder Where your Mail Goes?

I think not
Mailman jailed for hoarding postal items
Carrier said bag was too heavy, and he ended up with 13,819 items at home

LONDON - A mailman who hoarded thousands of letters and parcels at his home was jailed for four months on Friday. Christopher Meek, 19, admitted hoarding 13,819 postal items, saying he had taken them home because his mailbag was too heavy for him to carry.

He was arrested in December after the Royal Mail received complaints from people who had not received Christmas gifts sent through the mail, prosecutors told Sunderland Magistrates' Court in northern England.

Meek opened more than 1,400 of the items and stole the contents, including compact disks and DVDs, jewelry and gift vouchers, prosecutors said.

"When he was interviewed he denied any wrongdoing, saying the work was too heavy and he had always intended returning the mail," said prosecutor Paul Herron. "He admitted spending the money he had stolen and giving other items away."

Meek's lawyer, Peter Thubron, said his client who is short and slight had struggled to carry his mailbag and had taken the mail items home to deliver later but then let the situation get out of control.

Magistrate Alex Hendry told Meek he had "brought unhappiness to a lot of people."
They caught a postie in Ontario for doing roughly the same thing over a 4 year period, but I wonder if he'll do any jail time. Usually, the culprit is just fired..as I have seen several times during my 33 years of delivering the mails.
Lemme see,

he denied any wrong doing, but admitted spending the money he had stolen...

He's not a crook. He's just dumb.
This is not an uncommon story. My moms mailwoman has just been fired because she was so slow she couldnt keep up with delivering the mail, so each day any she had left over she destroyed or kept in her house.

I now am good buddies with a family on a street the other side of town because each day we meet up to trade our mail that the mailman consistently mixes up. Luckily were both honest, although it was a real temptation when I got their big tax refund cheque!! (just kidding- about being tempted that is)

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