First off, it was on the news today that contact wearers are getting infections of the Fusarium fungus.

Next, you should know that I have seen some stuff that makes me realise what our leaders and corporate forces are willing to do for greater profits and control of people.

I found some interesting things about Fusarium using Google:

The USDA has been doing genetic manipulations of the Fusarium mycotoxin.
- links below]

Mycotoxins are the focus of CHEMTRAIL enthusiasts, as mycoplasma is often found in chemtrail samples [see Dr Garth Nicolson's work].

The QUESTION today is "after 20 years of contact lenses being worn by millions of people, WHY NOW is this infection showing up?"
- because of global weather changes allowing life-forms to live in new places
- mutations in the fungus

The first answer, hinted by major media today, says it is the fault of causing global warming[due to fossil fuels being burned too fast] and it's climate change allowing specia migration - just one of many problems that global warming gives us.

The second answer is Genetic manipulation - humans tinkering with things that should be left alone until we know much more about what we are doing with genetic manipulation , where we are like a monkey with tools: we can do a lot of damage!!

But this could have have been done ON PURPOSE. They DO know what they are doing, and just use ignorance as an excuse for the "accidental unleashing" of these new deadly strains of mycotoxins to further disable the human race. Possible method of infection spread? - chemtrails [have you heard?].

Weapons made by the USA army biologicals teams have this header:
"designed to disable, not kill". Thats what this Fusarium fungus will do to us allrighty!

This format was originally developed for use in places like post WW2 Germany at the end of the war to keep the Germans down. It has been suggested that the Global Elites [NWO] with the help of "their" army [the USA Army]are doing this to popoulations of people everywhere, to keep us from being strong enough to protest and to see what is going on.

This emergence of Fusarium is either one of their genetic manipulations for crop research [Fusarium is a major problem for grain crops -blight] gone wrong, escaped the lab, or it was intentionally unleaashed to bother people who wear contacts... Perhaps as a way to increase sales of laser surgery!! I got it!! just now, I saw that.
- any connection to increased sales or profits IS ALLWAYS THE REASON behind stuff we don't seem to comprehend. Just look for it, it will be there...

USDA/NSF Microbial Genome Sequencing Project - Fusarium:
www.broad.harvard.edu/annotat...ackground.html (external - login to view)
[K-this is the lucky hit I found that tweeked this idea]

General on Fusarium:

NEWS:Contact wearers infected by Fusarium:
www.kansascity.com/mld/kansas...n/14273330.htm (external - login to view)

Fusarium in crops, etc. -
www.wisc.edu/fri/fusarium.htm (external - login to view)

Botony - pictures and description:
www.botany.utoronto.ca/Resear.../Fusarium.html (external - login to view)


One last thing: TREATMENT for this infection -
As they told us on TV this morning - "get a special pharmaceutical from the drug store"... [k -warning: pharmaceuticals are often,or allways, dangerous].

BUT!!! - herbal "eyebright" in an eyewash knocks the heck out of it![as reported in Cure Zone forums, check with your herbalist].

ALSO - I want someone to test CS colloidal Silver, and I can bet all I own that H2O2 Hydrogen peropxide will kill it.

And these alternative cures are SAFE!!
NOTE - always dilute the H2O2 to the right concentration or it could get uncomfortable - using H2O2 in the eyes is especially tricky, but it has and can be done safely. I have used it in my ears at 3%, and a little in my eyes at 1.5% , and had no troubles. It bubbles in your ears and sound really weird...

and now you know...